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CRYPTOP logoRegardless of what you are shopping for, not doing your research beforehand can be a costly mistake. In today’s advanced age when you have access to information at your fingertips, your decisions should always be made after careful consideration and evaluation.

This principle applies not only when you are looking for a product, but also when you are choosing a service like an online broker. Since they will open the door of the financial markets to you and entrusted with your money and data, you have to vet them carefully. This CRYPTOP review is an excellent example of what you should do because it evaluates the services you can expect from this platform.

Why is this important? It is because when you start looking for a brokerage, you will discover that there is no one option that’s available. Hundreds of choices can leave you flummoxed and confused and you may eventually choose an option that can make the trading experience a burden, rather than a profitable journey.

The best way to avoid these potential problems is by doing a careful evaluation beforehand, one that also applies to CRYPTOP. Yes, this company has been around for 12 years, given that it was established in 2009 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should consider it the right choice. Your needs and priorities can be quite different from the next trader, so you should give it some thought. This CRYPTOP review is aimed at doing that and you can peruse it as well:

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The Security Measures at CRYPTOP

Why start with security? If the platform is not secure, would you deposit your money, or share your data? They could easily end up in the wrong hands and result in disastrous consequences. Hence, it is best to consider the security first, so you are not tempted to sign up with an unsecure platform.

Here, you will notice that CRYPTOP has been attentive towards the security of your confidential data, along with your finances. They have used SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which is designed to encrypt all data as soon as it is entered.

This prevents third-parties from viewing or misusing it. Fund protection at CRYPTOP involves the use of segregated accounts, which means they are kept separate from the company and only used for trading. Even if the company was to go bankrupt, they would remain safe.

The use of AML and KYC policies, which are known as Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer, can also be a deterrent for cybercriminals because they require all users to verify their account before use.

The Trading Instruments at CRYPTOP

As long as the platform is secure, you can now move onto the trading instruments that you can expect to trade. No two instruments can offer the same level of profits, so you have to ensure that the ones you trade can give you the kind of returns you are expecting.

The risk will also depend on the instrument. Many brokers may tall promises about giving you the best options, but not many are able to do so. You don’t have to worry about this with CRYPTOP because their offerings include more than 100 instruments.

As they belong to various financial markets, it ensures that you can find an instrument that meets your risk tolerance and expectations. You can trade indices and stocks as well as metals and oil. Along with these, you will find that CRYPTOP lets its clients’ trade in the forex currency market as well as the cryptocurrency market that has become quite popular. Hence, you can diversify your portfolio and enjoy high returns

CRYPTOP instruments
The Trading Accounts at CRYPTOP

Of course, you will have to open an account with a broker before you can start trading and this means going over the options that are given. A total of three choices can be found on CRYPTOP and these have been created to facilitate traders from all backgrounds and levels in signing up for their services.

Whether you are a novice with no experience, or an expert with years of experience, you can find an option. Each account also comes with different features for the ease of traders.

The first account is Micro and it has a minimum deposit of $250 because it is for newbies. The second account at CRYPTOP is called Standard and the minimum deposit is $2,500 and it is for intermediate traders.

Moving on, you will find the Premium account and this asks for $25,000 and is meant for experts and professionals. You can find daily signals, customer support, a dedicated account manager, a financial advisor, a trading expert and even premium analysis available.

The Trading Platform at CRYPTOP

Your evaluation of a broker will not be complete without taking into account its trading platform because it is this feature that determines your experience for the most part. You use this for executing your trades and it also comes with tools needed for good decision making.

The web trading platform at CRYPTOP is one they have developed on their own and it doesn’t break down, or suffer from performance issues. Instead, the top-notch technology results in a seamless trading experience.

You can trade multiple instruments from a single dashboard, use trading tools like price alerts, live and interactive charts, graphs, trading indicators, an economic calendar, daily market signals and even the latest financial market news.

You can execute your trades almost instantly and see the results in real-time. As it is a web trading platform, you don’t even need to download it anywhere. It works on your desktop PC, laptops and even smartphones and tables. Thus, you can always stay connected to your trading account and not miss out on any opportunity at all.

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The Result

Further evaluation indicates that round the clock and friendly customer support is also provided by CRYPTOP to its clients, along with educational resources for helping them improve. Their trading conditions are excellent and the fast registration process enables you to jump onto the trading train quickly and easily.

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