Free Speech Advocates Criticize US Sanctions on Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash, a well-reputed blockchain service that was used for the transfer of Ether from one place to another, was a dear platform to not only the normal and average crypto users but to cyber criminals as well as they used the platform for the sake of money laundering and other illicit activities.

Despite being a decentralized entity, the US office of foreign asset control did foresee the ill practices that were taking place on the platform and did impose a complete ban on the Tornado cash which resulted in the ceasing of all operations taking place on the US soil.

All the US citizens who had their money or finance tied up in the Tornado Cash were given out notices to rid themselves of the service as after the due time, the platform would be completely blocked, and all of their money will be locked indefinitely.

At the same time, it is true that more than half of the users who were using the platform were legit crypto users, but there were those who were using it for illicit purposes, which is why the OFAC deemed it fit to completely blacklist the platform and end its offerings.

There were also connections found with the Tornado Cash and the movement of money taking place to and from North Korea, as there is this Lazarus group which consists of hacktivists that are sanctioned by the state to derail the crypto market and are a threat to the world economy. Now that the system is gone and Tornado Cash has come to its malignant end, people are pursuing other avenues to protest against the closure of the service.

Tornado Cash also Gets Support from the Crypto Community

Many freedoms of speech movements have spewed out there in the US, demanding from the government officials that their favourite Ether mover be handed back to them fully operational. Many leaders, in fact, from the crypto market have come forward to list these sanctions as baseless and a threat to the economy and well-being of the crypto market, but it seems that the decision of the OFAC to terminate Tornado Cash is final.

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