Galaxy Digital CEO Reveals When Bitcoin Will Reach The $500,000 Milestone

The leading cryptocurrency management company Galaxy Digital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mike Novogratz is still standing by his prediction that he made last year when he said that the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), will hit the significant price mark of $500,000. In his recent comments, he has said that the leading digital currency is on its way to reaching this milestone. Novogratz has also revealed that when he believes the top-ranked cryptocurrency will register this achievement.

Here Is When BTC Price Will Hit The Milestone Of $500K, According To Novogratz

Mike Novogratz recently attended an event called WORLD.NOW which was hosted by the business intelligence firm MicroStrategy. In the event. Novogratz had a discussion with MicroStrategy’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Michael Saylor. During the discussion, he shared his stance on the current performance of Bitcoin and also talked about his prediction that he gave last year.

He said that the flagship cryptocurrency is not going to stop and will continue to show good performance in the future too. He said that Bitcoin would perform even better as a store of value instead of as a currency. He has also now acknowledged the fact that Bitcoin is on its way to become digital gold.

While Novogratz was presenting his stance on Bitcoin, he said that the time is not now far away when the major cryptocurrency will reach the point he predicted. He has unveiled when BTC will achieve the $500,000 milestone. According to Mike Novogratz, Bitcoin’s price value will be touching this mark within the duration of the next twelve months. If the price of Bitcoin reaches this milestone, it will become the biggest asset in the world in terms of market capitalization. Currently, the market cap of BTC is standing pretty near to claim the figure of $1 trillion.

Meanwhile, the primary cryptocurrency is constantly moving in an upward direction. Earlier on the 14th of February, BTC price recorded a new all-time high by climbing above the $49k mark. It came really close to achieve the $50k milestone. But as soon as the price of BTC got close to this mark, it faced resistance there, which led the price of BTC to move down to the $48k level. It has now once again started rising up.

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