Gamma Capitals Review – An All-in-One Trading Solution

Gamma Capitals Review

The popularity of online trading has reached new heights, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that wreaked havoc across economies globally. The financial markets were the fastest to recover and actually performed better than they had done previously, which attracted the interest of people all over the globe.

This also increased the demand for brokers that provide access to these markets and there are hundreds of these offering their services. However, this doesn’t mean that you pick the first one you find. You need a platform that can offer you everything you need in one place and this means digging into a company to find more information about it. For instance, you can read Gamma Capitals review to know more about the company.

Doing is of the utmost importance because you want to be able to find a company that can meet your needs. First off, you have to avoid the scam brokers that have popped up in the market, but it is essential to remember that not every legitimate company will offer the same services either.

Just because a platform is suitable for some traders is no guarantee that it will do the same for you. Furthermore, some brokers only cater to a specific category of traders, such as newcomers, intermediate traders or professionals, and you need to pick one according to your own skill level.

The issue is that when people start searching, they will discover the sheer amount of brokers that have been established in the last few years. It is easy to become overwhelmed and most traders end up picking from the first couple of options, not realizing that they might not be making the right choice.

This can have long-term consequences and you will not be able to achieve the level of success you want. Therefore, putting in some effort in the beginning and doing some research can save you from a lot of hassle in the future.

Amongst the options that can be found in the market is one called Gamma Capitals. This is a forex and CFD (Contract for Difference) brokerage that has slowly climbed up the ranks because of its transparent and professional offerings. They have become an award-winning broker and are operating in a number of countries around the world. Check out their prominent offerings here:

Gamma Capitals cryptocurrency trading
Gamma Capitals – A Diverse Asset Index

Checking the asset index of a broker should be the first thing you should do because you want to make sure they are offering you the ones you want to trade. Some people have specific assets in mind when they decide to step into the financial markets, while others just want access to variety.

Every broker will claim to offer you the most profitable options, but it is best to verify so you will not have to face disappointment. The same applies to Gamma Capitals and you should take a look at their offerings before moving forward.

Upon doing so, you will come to know that they provide you access to a diverse asset index that’s spread across the world’s leading financial markets. It ensures that you can find profitable trading opportunities and make the most of them. There are more than 200 instruments available and they can suit different risk appetites.

Plus, this number also allows traders to take advantage of diversification, which can be helpful in minimizing their risks and maximizing their returns. You can start trading foreign currency pairs in the forex market, which is the biggest financial market in the world.

There are numerous currency pairs to be traded, such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/NZD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY and EUR/GBP. Gamma Capitals also gives you access to the global stock market where you can trade shares of different companies around the world. These include some notable names like Apple, Amazon, eBay, Netflix, Visa, Aurora, Sony and Fiat.

The commodities market is also one of the most stable options that you can explore and there are hard and soft commodities that can be traded. The former includes precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. The latter refers to agricultural products like wheat, coffee, sugar, rice and cotton.

They have also added crude oil and natural gas to their offerings. The indices market is available for traders who want to have access to as many lucrative opportunities as possible. Gamma Capitals has some of the top indices available, such as FTSE 100, NASDAQ 100, S&P 500 and Nikkei 225.

The latest addition to the asset index was that of cryptocurrencies, as these digital assets are in high demand. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Monero are some of the choices you can explore.

Gamma Capitals Asset Index
Gamma Capitals – Effective Security and Privacy Policies

Online trading may offer a lot of convenience, but it is not without its downsides. The internet has become a hotbed for criminal activity and the financial markets attract a lot of these elements. Therefore, security and privacy has become a major concern for traders.

You obviously don’t want your sensitive and personal information to be misused for any illegal activities and neither do you want to lose your hard-earned money to scammers. But, when you are using a brokerage’s services, you could be left exposed because you have to entrust them with the responsibility of protecting your money and data.

Subsequently, you would want a broker that takes privacy and security seriously, or else you could become a target of cybercriminals. Gamma Capitals is a solid choice in this regard because they have effective security and privacy policies in place. They have opted to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for monitoring and encrypting website traffic.

Encryption technology is also used for protecting all confidential data accumulated by the broker. The Privacy Policy dictates what information is collected and how and highlights that no data is rented, licensed or sold to anyone without proper consent.

As far as fund safety is concerned, Gamma Capitals uses segregation of accounts for keeping all deposits made by their clients. This means that the company’s own accounts are maintained separately to ensure there is no mix up or discrepancy in the future.

The traders’ deposits are only used for trading and would be returned to them in the event of a bankruptcy. Furthermore, the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures are also in place on their platform. As per their rules, traders are required to submit proof of identity, such as an ID card, driver’s license or a passport.

They also have to give proof of residence, like a utility bill (water, gas or electricity) or a bank statement. With such measures in place, criminals can be deterred and the risk of identity theft, financial fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering are minimized. Suffice it to say, you will have a secure and safe trading environment with Gamma Capitals.

Gamma Capitals – User-friendly Trading Platform

The primary reason why brokers are essential to the trading process is because they provide traders with the platform that’s needed for trade execution. How else will you connect to the markets? But, you should note that not all companies will offer you the same platform due to which it is necessary to find out what you will get.

The trading platform plays a major role in your trading experience and can simplify or hamper your journey. Hence, it wouldn’t be wise to choose a broker without knowing what kind of platform they are providing.

When it comes to Gamma Capitals’s trading platform, you will find out that they have chosen to develop a proprietary web trading platform for their clients, which means that they have chosen to forego the existing options in the market.

As it is accessible through the web browser, this platform automatically eliminates the need of downloading and installation. This is a benefit for many traders because it means they don’t have to worry about updating the platform. State-of-the-art technology has been used for the platform, which delivers quick trading execution.

Indeed, statistics show that 99% execution is done under a second on the Gamma Capitals platform. Traders can make trades in a single click and the best part is that the platform is extremely user-friendly. The interface is highly intuitive and designed for both beginners and seasoned traders, so it runs smoothly and is easy to navigate.

It has a customizable layout, which is another perk traders can enjoy, and has also been equipped with the most advanced trading tools to help traders during the process. There are a range of charts, technical indicators, a market calendar, various order types, price alerts and trading signals.

Along with these offerings, Gamma Capitals has also added mobile support to their trading platform, as more and more people prefer to trade on the go and want that flexibility. Their platform adjusts to mobile devices, both iOS and Android, quite easily and delivers a seamless trading experience on the move. You can have access to your trading account from anywhere and monitor the market easily.

Gamma Capitals Trading Platform
Gamma Capitals – Different Account Options

Is the broker able to fulfill your trading needs by providing you with an account that suits your style? It is their job to know that not all traders in the market have the same style, which means they will be looking for different things.

If they intend to cater to traders of different levels, they need to come up with account options accordingly and this is exactly what Gamma Capitals has done. Rather than gearing their services to a particular category of trader, they have chosen to market to them all and the best way to facilitate them is by coming up with account options that make them comfortable.

You will find four account options that have been added by Gamma Capitals to their platform for this reason. Their goal is to ensure that every trader who decides to use their services is able to do so through an account that’s designed for their needs.

The first account is referred to as Basic and is for beginners. It needs a minimum deposit of €250 and the maximum amount you can deposit in it is €4,999. Traders are provided a no-interest loan on deposit of around 10%, leverage of 1:50 and 24/5 customer support.

If you are someone who falls in the intermediate trader category, you can go with the Silver account, which requires a deposit of €5,000. This offers a higher leverage of 1:100 and the non-interest loan also increases to 20%. The maximum deposit limit is extended to €24,999.

Gamma Capitals’s third account is called Gold and it is the most popular one. It is more for advanced and experienced traders, so the minimum deposit for this account is €25,000. Traders are given a leverage of 1:200 and the no-interest loan is now at 30%.

It is enriched with other features, such as a one-on-one educational course, direct line to an account executive, free monthly webinars, a VIP mentorship program, daily market reviews and trading alerts, along with event analysis. The maximum investment for this account is €100,000.

The last account at Gamma Capitals is known as Platinum, which requires a minimum deposit of €100,000 since it is for professional traders. The leverage is highest here at 1:400, but there is no cap to the amount you can invest. You are given all features offered by the broker in previous accounts, along with a full money management plan, event trading and free trading signals that can be useful.

When you put all of these elements together, it is easy to see that Gamma Capitals can be an all-in-one trading solution for every trader.

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