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Genesis11 Review

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Many of you might have been on the lookout for a good broker for a while, and recently Genesis11 has been getting very popular in the trading community. So I thought I would share my experience with you through this Genesis11 review. This way, any traders who are on the search for a broker might get some help. It is crucial that when you decide to work with a broker, you research them first because no trader wants to risk their career and investments by making the wrong decision. This is why you should read reviews, or you can carry out independent research on them.

A broker should be very reliable; essentially, you are trusting it with your investment, with your future profits, and that by working with the broker, your trading career will flourish. The broker has to be very genuine, too, because if a broker’s intention is to just get money out of you, then that will never benefit you in any way but rather be a waste of time and efforts. The reason why brokers are essential in trading is that they help connect buyers to sellers. They also help traders in making the right decisions regarding trading. But in order to be of proper help, you have to find a broker that is experienced and very skilful, carry out market research thoroughly and are always up to date with ongoing trends and the latest news. This way, they would be able to benefit your trading career by keeping you in the loop of what’s going on.

Since the trading market has developed, it has shifted to an online mode, so that means you work with the broker and find them online too. Through the web, it is easier to get scammed and be fooled because there is no one on one meeting. But if you come across a broker like Genesis11, then you are very lucky. Genesis11 is a reputable broker and has worked effortlessly to ensure that the clients like their services. Despite being a new broker, it has managed to be really progressive, as it provides customers with a chance to trade cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks. Therefore, as a whole, Genesis11 is a great broker and to find out more about it, read further.

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Introduction to Genesis11

As I mentioned earlier that Genesis11 is a very progressive broker, which means that it prefers keeping up with modern times and catering to traders by providing them with features that benefit in this time. Traders these days require a lot of things; one of these includes the freedom to trade. Genesis11 provides its traders with the chance to trade in multiple different financial markets. This is a major development as compared to trading before. Because back then, you could only stick to one market and get a broker according to that. But as you can see, this is not the case with Genesis11. It grants you the choices in trading assets and trading markets and leaves it up to you to decide. This way, you get the freedom and independence to decide what is best for you and your trading goals.

Leveraged trading is another key factor and feature of Genesis11, a lot of brokers choose other methods such as commission on each trade, but this is a rip-off as it takes a lot of the trader’s profits and does not leave them with enough to invest further.  But Genesis11 is not like that. It has chosen the leverage system for trading; this way, your profits are maximized rather than the broker getting it all. But let us explain the leverage trading so that you can see what benefits come with it. The whole concept of leverage trading is that the broker steps in to pay as well. For instance, if there is ever a time when you want to trade an asset, but the investment needed for it is a lot, then what you can do is ask your broker to put in the amount.

The broker displays its leverages on its website so that the customers can be aware of them. Some of these ratios are 1:2 and 1:5, and they go all the way up to 1:50, then 1:100, and even further. As a trader, you can start really small, then make your way up. So in order to begin, you can choose the 1:2 option. This way, it would mean that where the trader puts in 1 dollar, for example, then the broker will put double the amount. And for those who are more experienced and have been trading for longer can opt for the higher stakes, such as the 1:50 or the 1:100 one. This way, the broker will pay 100 dollars for everyone that they spend. Genesis11 has offered a really good leverage system as it maximized your profits massively.

There is a downside, and that is that as high the stakes go, it also means that the chance of your loss is increased too. This is why you have to be really careful with whatever trades you involve yourself in because losing such a huge amount is not easy, nor does it end well. Therefore it is recommended that before you ever invest or choose to trade, you should always have prior knowledge and carry out some sort of research. Whatever asset you are interested in trading, be it cryptocurrency or any other, it is important that you study it in relation to the market. Whether the market value is good, how long will it pose as a good investment, what time should you trade or invest at, and all these factors. This way, you will be able to avoid any sort of loss. Genesis11 is a really good broker because it allows leverages for all the assets, whether it is a cryptocurrency, forex, or stock trading.

With Genesis11, you get the chance to trade and gain a lot of success. One of the main reasons behind it being a really good and trustworthy broker is because it is made by traders themselves. Those traders are very experienced and can be considered professionals. They also know what qualities traders search for in a broker, and that is how they managed to incorporate such great features into Genesis11. Let’s discuss this further.

Education and Training Provided

Even if you are a very experienced trader, at times, you do need some pointers and tips to increase your trades. Genesis11 does exactly that. It provides for all its customers whether they are new to it or have been around for a while. Genesis11 has also made it really easy because rather than looking for training elsewhere, they provide it to you directly from their platform. This is a recent update; as before, people used to have to involve another person other than the broker so that they could catch up. But as the world has progressed, this field did too. They prioritized the customer’s ease and comfort and have allowed the broker to act as a one in all so that no third person has to intervene.

But once again, when you choose a broker, it is important that they are knowledgeable, experienced, and familiar with the course. In order to be able to train traders, they themselves have to be aware of it all first. Along with being experienced, it is always best that the broker provides education material too. That way, you can get additional help. A lot of brokers do not bother providing proper education material, and they often overlook this part. However, it is a big deal and should be taken seriously because, without further information and training, one cannot improve. The purpose of a broker also gets defeated then.

On the other hand, Genesis11 has once again worked hard to be the best in this department too. They take Genesis11 very seriously and have provided so many sources for education. Many of these are videos and books. But Genesis11 also provides basic information, and that is completely free. To access the information to help you start trading is charged nothing by Genesis11. Unlike other brokers, Genesis11 does not prioritize money over trading careers but rather has a goal to help traders do their best.

Another key information that Genesis11 really highlights is risk management. And it makes all its customers aware of it so that they know the strategies and how to implement them. Once again, other brokers do not include this key step because they fear losing money from customers. It includes a tool called the hedging technique, and this is basically used by traders so that they do not experience loss. And if they do, then it is not so severe. Genesis11 insists upon learning all about how to manage risks and avoid them. This is a clear indication that it is a genuine broker, and it really wants to help traders make money and be successful rather than use them for personal gains.

Access to different markets and assets

When a trader is really serious about his or her trading career, then they know that no loss or mistake can be afforded. To ensure that no such thing happens, you have to be wary of everything. You have to carry out independent research just so that you are sure about the broker. As a trader, you also look for certain features and traits that will further help you when trading. Some of these are access to trading assets and financial markets.

Not all brokers allow or have the capacity to grant such benefits, but Genesis11 is really good at this. Rather than taking away your freedom and independence to choose it, only excel it. As a trader, the minute you start working with someone, some people misuse you to overpower you and use you for exercising their rights and wants on you. There are some like Genesis11 who do not do the same. Genesis11 is very aware that every trader and individual has their own desires and their own goals. As a broker, it does not mean you have the right to abuse power and subjugate your customer. Therefore they fully grant their customers the freedom to choose whatever they are comfortable in.

As a trader, you are constantly taking risks, and all you have to ensure is that these risks result in profits. The broker helps minimize the risks by providing you with the tools such as indicators, charting tools, and does the research so that your trading is all successful. So when you chose a broker, this is why it is important to find all these things about them. You need to know whether or not the broker offers a variety of assets to trade. No matter how experienced you are as a trader, having options is a must because, without them, you will never be able to broaden your experience. There are some traders who are on the lookout for a lot of assets. Because through them, they get to make a lot of profits in the market and also get experience trading various ones. On the other hand, some traders only want to specialize in one trading asset, but in order to find that, they still need options to try out. There can be so many options, such as currency pairs, stocks from companies to invest in, and cryptocurrencies.

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Trading Platform is Good

The way a platform is designed is very important as it changes a lot of things. It affects the trader in many ways. Some brokers do not invest time and money into their platforms and end up losing customers because of it. Their platforms are usually complex to use, not flexible enough, and do not grant access to markets. But Genesis11 has an amazing platform, and it takes a lot of these into consideration. It allows its users access to a lot of financial markets so that their customers can reach out to various of them and trade with lots of people. Every market has a potential success rate, and some markets, such as forex trading one offer really high profits.

Genesis11 is a good broker because, through their single platform, they allow you to access all assets, you can trade cryptocurrencies or stock or any other all through this one platform. It has also made everything really simple and easy for their customers by providing them with plenty of options on how to access their website. You can use it through the web, whether you are using a PC, laptop, or phone. This form is easily accessible through any gadget, and you can use it any time, even if you are travelling.

Different account types for users

Genesis11 has opted for a very easy method for customers to sign in. so that they do not get bored nor have to waste a lot of time going through such a long process. The broker has created a short and simple method, which just requires you to sign up through the website in order to make a trading account. Once you are signed up with the broker, you move ahead to choose a trading account for you. The broker offers five different account types so that you can choose which one suits your needs and budget. These start from the silver one, which is the minimum investment one. As you go up, you will come across gold, then platinum. As a beginner, these should be the most suitable. The last two, which are meant for those that are more experienced, are platinum and VIP. These accounts all come with certain sources, such as trading signals and private meetings. To unlock the first account, you just have to deposit $10,000, and it increases as you go on.

The Customer Support that they provide is one of a kind

As a trader having a good support system is very important because any issue can arise at any time. Sometimes new people struggle with making an account or navigating the website. That is when they would need to call the support team for help. A lot of times, brokers just add the FAQ’s section on their site so that customers can use that as a reference. But from my personal experience, those sources can be so broad, and at times the answer you are looking for is much more specific. FAQ’s section is not something every customer can relate to either. If a broker has that for customer support, it is really clear that it is neglecting its customers and their needs.

Genesis11 has not followed the trend set by these brokers. Rather it has acknowledged the fact that this should be a top priority, and that is why they have chosen to keep a professional and experienced team. They are very well experienced in trading and can help customers regarding any issue that they face. Genesis11 has also set calling and emailing as an option to contact them for customer support. They also have an FAQ section, but that is just an extra source for help. The information such as phone number and email are displayed on their website, and customers can use it to contact them whenever needed.


This review has highlighted the features that every broker should have and how they have made Genesis11 so well known in the trading community. Through Genesis11, you can get a chance to improve your trades, get more profits and learn so much more about trading. They also allow clients to use trading tools and grant them the freedom to choose and make their own decisions. Therefore Genesis11 would be a good option if you are looking to work with a worthy broker.

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