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Global-Coin Review

Global-Coin logoGlobal-Coin is one of the emerging trading platforms enabling traders to grow beyond their limitations. The trading platform is full of features and services that empower traders to perform trading activities with full confidence and attain success. It is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies trading and makes it accessible for anyone from any corner of the world. This short Global-Coin review uncovers all the important features of this trading platform. So, let’s begin.

The Advanced Web-Trader

Global-Coin connects traders with financial markets through its technically advanced web trader. Traders’ login into their trading accounts using web trader to explore the features available at Global-Coin and sell purchase trading assets. They can use web traders using any device such as a mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC running on any operating software.

Global-Coin website

All the features at Global-Coin are accessible on the web trader. As an intuitively designed platform for traders, it seamlessly connects with payment gateways and facilitates every step of their journey.

Multiple Account types

Global-Coin offers many account types to smoothen the trading process for every trader. Depending on their budget, traders may choose any account type that meets their budget or fulfills their requirements. Let’s look at all the account types available at Global-Coin.

Basic account: It is the most primitive account available at Global-Coin. Traders can access this account by depositing $250-$5000. It has all the basic facilities a trader may require at the beginning of their trading journey or test the trading platform before investing more amount. This account is available for a short period only.

Bronze account: By depositing an amount from $5001 to $15000, traders can access the bronze account. This account offers more facilities for traders as compared to the basic account. Traders willing to nurture their trading skills must consider this account because of its good services.

Silver account: Traders can access the silver account by depositing $15001-$50000. It offers unlimited services, more leverages, daily signals, and many other facilities not included in the prior accounts.

Gold account: The gold account is available at the minimum deposit of $50001-$150000. The account offers excellent services for growing traders. From VIP market signals to higher leverages on all the assets, the gold account brings more chances to increase profitability.

Platinum account: Platinum account is a good choice for professional traders who can make use of all the available facilities. Traders can get this account by depositing $ 150001- $500000.

Diamond account: Available at a deposit of $ 500001 – 1000000, diamond is a dedicated account for expert traders. It offers higher leverage, minimal spreads, VIP market signals, and many other exclusive facilities.

Black account: The black account is available at a deposit of more than $ 1 million. It is an extremely profitable account with VIP facilities for seasoned trading professionals.

Choice Of Trading Instruments

Global-Coin trading instruments

Global-Coin gives numerous choices of trading instruments for its registered traders. There are more than 2000 trading instruments from forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, and commodities. Traders can pick one or multiple assets from different markets to increase the chances of earning profits.

Top Notch Market Analysis Tools

Analyzing the market conditions influence the outcome of trading activities. They provide traders an insight into the market conditions and let them make informed decisions. They also help traders to perform technical and fundamental analyses necessary for executing any trading activity. These tools include market news, events calendar, and price data tables. Traders can access these tools from their trading accounts.


As we look into the services and features of Global-Coin, we observe that it has all the necessary features required to make trading easier and profitable. With its technically advanced web trader and availability of multiple trading instruments, trading tools, and trading accounts makes Global-Coin stand out from any other trading platform in the market. Nonetheless, Global-Coin is one of the best trading platforms traders must consider before creating their trading accounts.

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