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Global CTB Review

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Every trader is always on the lookout for a well-established trading platform. Global CTB is a perfect example of what a trading platform should be like. It has many outstanding features and benefits that only its exclusive customers get to experience. These will be discussed in detail within the Global CTB review. The demand for good trading platforms has dramatically increased over the years, and the main reason has been the rise in cryptocurrency traders. But as a trader, it is important to really know what you are walking into. When traders invest in assets within the financial market, that can have several outcomes; either they would succeed and be able to maximize their profits, or they would lose the investment and go into a loss. That is where the broker comes in handy because they are able to guide the traders with their research skills, years of experience and can help to secure good deals.

Everyone in this market is already aware that cryptocurrencies and the financial market are constantly fluctuating, and it is not that stable. Nothing is guaranteed, but when you are equipped with a good and knowledgeable broker, they make a lot of things easy. Also, investing in this field has proven to be a major success for so many people. They have been able to double their profits, have many successful trades, and avoid scams or frauds. As the world is evolving and we are constantly moving forward, it has become clear that digital technology has taken over. It is incorporated within everything, and this shift to online trading is the same too. Therefore, people have started realizing the importance and have started investing now so that they can be well progressed and versed within this field.

This field welcomes people of all stages, whether they are just starting out or they have been trading for years. And everyone’s intention is to double, triple, or increase the amount that they had invested as much as possible. For those that are really interested in making their trading careers successful, it is important to invest your time and ensure that you are working hard as your trading career moves forward, so does the need to do better because of the competition and the constant advancement of things. This also means that you have to be flexible and willing to learn new things such as trading tools that will help to make trades quicker and better. One example of this could be trading tools such as indicators; they help to analyze the market trends in order to decide which asset to invest in, how long you should hold it, and which financial market to trade-in. These skills help compete with the rest of the traders and to benefit in the market by choosing your exchanges carefully.

Once again, to be a successful trader and to achieve whatever goals you have, whether it is earning a lot of money, making a name for yourself as a trader, or having future investments, all are difficult to get without a good broker. Despite the fact that the market has so many brokers, there are rarely any who are worth the investment. Also, the primary job of a broker is to be the connection for the trader to be able to carry out their exchange. When you reach out to a broker and start working with them, the platform provides you with easy and improved access to people interested in trading with you. They also offer a chance to educate you on important matters and help train you to use skills such as indicators and signals.

The trending talk these days is trading instruments; these signify the various options a broker or platform provides its customers with. Trading instruments can be cryptocurrencies, forex currency pairs, stocks, indices, and many more. When a broker or a platform provides the customer with so many options for trading instruments, it sort of signifies granting them the freedom to choose because it does not limit nor force them to exchange in a currency that they do not feel comfortable with.

Some people prefer to trade with only one asset as they feel the most comfortable that way. Other times there are many who like trading each asset so that they can experience all and not limit themself to just one option. This is a method that helps broaden their expertise. However, it is not important that all brokers offer these options, a lot of times, it is hard to find a platform that has a variety of assets to choose from.

A lot of people struggle to find a broker that provides them with freedom, trading opportunities, education, and a generally successful trading career. This is why a lot of times, people give up on the search and settle for someone that turns out to be the complete opposite of what they wanted. But researching before choosing a broker is very important, and this is why I have made it easier by providing an insight into one of the most talked-about platforms for trading, Global CTB. It is on the rise and has been recognized for its services. Global CTB was created in 2016, and it has been a while since then. During this time, it has made itself well known and reputable in the trading market. So let’s take a look at what makes Global CTB so good at its job.

Global CTB website

Global CTB as A Platform

Global CTB is known for trading cryptocurrencies mainly. They do offer other assets to trade as well, but most of their customers have chosen them and decided to keep trading through them in cryptocurrencies. As many people have already experienced, it is hard to come across brokers that are trustworthy and can work with easily. However, Global CTB has definitely worked on its profile and has always maintained a professional work ethic which has clearly paid off. Within the market, they are known to be very reliable and have never faced a scandal regarding scams, frauds, or money laundering.

When Global CTB was first created in 2016, it had been formed by a group of traders that had been in the industry for a very long time. They were very well experienced and had been able to create the platform so that other traders would be able to gain their trading goals through Global CTB.

The services that Global CTB provides are exactly what win customers over. This includes various trading assets to choose from, trading tools such as trading indicators available, and an overall good experience.

Different options of trading assets

We all know that Global CTB is one of the best when it comes to dealing with crypto trading; it is very renowned for its specialty in crypto trading. And of course, the name is for a reason; Global CTB provides the most crypto options among other competitors. Unlike other brokers out there, which restrict their traders to a couple of options, Global CTB believes that they have to provide their traders with plenty of options to choose from. This will not only make the firm distinct from others, but the traders associated with them can also get much more investment opportunities and gain profits.

As we have discussed earlier that the world of crypto is much vast than we actually think, only some of the very popular assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are mainly the focus of many investors, that is mainly because most of the brokers provide these options to their traders, but Global CTB has changed the dynamics of trading by introducing traders to other less known trading opportunities as well like Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Monero, Ripple, Neo, IOTA and much more. And not only that Global CTB provides their brokers with a wide variety of options, but they also make sure that these assets give profits to their traders by approaching them before they add them to their platform. None of the brokers show such responsibility on behalf of traders.

If you are wondering that Global CTB only limits itself to cryptocurrency, then you should consider that they just not only give crypto options to their customers but also give them to choose from other assets like Forex, stocks, commodities, etc. as well.

The trading platform is a major benefit

As a trader, the platform that you use for trading matters a lot; traders do not have a lot of time and therefore have always been searching for a platform that is simple yet does the job. This means that it has all the features that assist the trader in doing their job, that too easily rather than making it another hurdle that they have to deal with. Global CTB is not like the rest; it has always prioritized its customer’s needs and has invested a great amount so that they can be granted ease so that they can trade efficiently. Like I have mentioned earlier, this platform was made by people that were traders too, professional ones. Therefore they were aware of the features that Global CTB needed to have to be a beneficial broker.

Global CTB is a web-based platform, which is very simple and easy to use. No process or language has been incorporated into the platform that would be complex or would confuse the customers. As it is a web-based platform, it ensures that traders have regular access to other buyers, sellers, and the financial market on the web without being interrupted. They have also designed their platform in a way that it is accessible by any device as long as you can use the web. Rather than having a long procedure of downloading then installing, they have simplified it by just needing to use the web browser; it also means that you can use your mobile phone while traveling to ensure that you are still connected and do not have to miss out on work.

Lots of accounts to choose from

Global CTB recognizes that limiting its customers to just one sort of account would mean that they cannot perform as they would want to. It would also mean not granting them the freedom nor the chance to reach their full potential. As all traders differ in goals, interests, and achievement, Global CTB decided to have six different trading accounts. Unlike others in the market that have 2 to 4 types of accounts, Global CTB decided to have more to enable their customers to choose what is right for them.

It starts off from the basic account, beginners, medium, advanced, PRO, and lastly, the VIP account. Now all of these cater to different types of traders depending upon the amount that they can afford and invest. With each account type, there are many benefits that they provide; for instance, the basic account has a welcome bonus of 30%, and as you go higher, this increases. When you reach a VIP account, it is extremely high, but it is harder to unlock it.

Global CTB account types

Security policies of Global CTB

This is one of the major concerns for investors and traders while choosing a broker; none of them would want to invest in an insecure platform unless they want to lose their personal information and money. So Global CTB has taken that into concern as well and created a platform where they are providing such a secured platform for their traders that they can get that ultimate peace of mind while trading. In the world of computers and online trading, you can’t physically meet the person of the company you are dealing with, so you can’t judge the legitimacy of that firm, and that is why most beginners face losses while trading in this field. There are thousands of scammers and fraudsters who are constantly trying to manipulate you and steal your information and money from you.

If you are not willing to become a victim of such bogus organizations or companies, so you need to be smart while choosing your broker, always make sure that the broker you are working with is trustworthy and Global CTB is the best choice you can have when it comes to the security department of brokers. Many other brokers which are not regulated by the government can’t be trusted at all because they don’t work under any security policies, and you can’t challenge them legally. But with Global CTB, that point is covered as well; it is a regulated firm which means that they have to work under certain regulations and policies regulated by financial regulatory authorities and institutions. This broker is dealing with one of the latest technologies of encryption which is SSL (Secure Socket Layer), to protect the data transferred between traders and servers, and all of these measures are taken to ensure the security of trader’s personal data and money.

Many standard policies like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies are adapted by Global CTB to keep traders away from any scam activities and frauds. Although these policies make the registration process a bit tricky, as a responsible and sensible trader, you should focus more on the outcome of these requirements and restrictions rather than demanding a more convenient but less secure platform.

Payment methods offered by Global CTB

As a trader, you know that the main work that you have to do is depositing and withdrawing your money from the platform, and in order to make that more convenient Global CTB has given their traders a lot of options to choose from as their payment methods to fulfill every trader’s preference. The options include your debit or credit cards of Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. However, if you are not interested in choosing any of the above options, then Global CTB also provides their traders with other bank wire transfer options as well. Latest payment methods such as Neteller, Skrill, and other similar options are also made a part of their payment partners to make it easy for the traders to invest.

Customer Support services

Many people in this trading market have suffered a lot due to the brokers and platforms not being accessible or providing support when needed. But Global CTB is really good when it comes to supporting its customers. Their service is available all day long, and that too six days a week. They have a well-trained team for dealing with any issues that a customer may face and can be reached through email, mobile phone, or live chat that is on their website.


As shown in the review, I have listed and talked about the features and services that Global CTB provides in detail. These factors make it distinct from the rest because we all know that finding a broker is not difficult, as the market already has a lot of these, but it is hard to find one that meets all criteria. Global CTB is unique, reliable, and experienced, and it knows exactly what to offer to its customers so that their trading careers can flourish. If you want to be active in the crypto market and double your profits, then Global CTB is for you.

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