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IronGatesFX Review

IronGatesFX logoAs much as you would want the online trading world to be straightforward and simple, it’s not. There are certain complexities that you have to accept when you become a part of this industry. Among many other things you have to pay attention to is the security of the trader.

The information you share and the money you hand over to the broker deserve to be protected. Does your broker have any means in place to do that? I’m talking about a broker in this IronGatesFX review that definitely has those measures in place.

When I was evaluating this broker’s features, I could strongly feel that there were traders in the team that created this platform. Read my review and see if you say the same about them.

IronGatesFX website

Transparency Is a Serious Matter

Once the word of transparency became common on the internet, companies started throwing it around without any care. As soon as you land on a company’s website, you see that they are making claims of being transparent. However, I can tell you with certainty that Iron Gates FX broker is the one that shows commitment to its words through action.

You can’t sign up on this platform unless you agree to the terms of service. These terms of services are given clearly on the website for you. At the same time, broker has clearly told everyone its privacy policy.

Will your information be shared with anyone? What are the conditions that need to be met for your information to be shared? Who will it be shared with? The broker tells you everything when you read its privacy policy.

No Hidden Costs and Fees

There is nothing wrong with paying fees. When you trade on a platform, you have to know that the platform has to keep running. The broker has expenses to meet so it cannot offer you its services for free.

What really bothers traders is not the fees and service charges—it’s the fact that so many online brokers choose to hide those fees. However, you are going to like the fact that IronGatesFX broker doesn’t charge you those fees in the first place. If they are involved in anything, you will know about them before you have to pay them.

In most cases, you are not going to find yourself in a situation where you have to pay such costs. For example, you can fund your account or pull out your profits without paying any commissions on depositing those funds or withdrawing them.

Encryption, 2FA, and Account Monitoring

One of the challenges many traders face is that they lose their information to some online snooper or hacker. If you want to avoid being a prey to such a situation, you have to make sure you pick the right platform.

I decided to recommend trading platform for the reason that it cares about your security, especially the safety of your data. It encrypts your data so no one can intercept and understand it. Secondly, it makes you go through the 2FA authentication layer so a single password is not enough to open your trading account.

Last but not least, Iron Gates FX trading platform uses algorithms to monitor the activity of your trading account. By reading certain patterns, it can instantly tell when someone else is trying to exploit your trading account. If it sees such a thing, it informs you about it right away.

It Adheres to KYC and AML

IronGatesFX KYC and AML policies

Last but not least, if you know even the basics of online trading, you already expect your broker to adhere to these policies. Those that don’t adhere to them are not being honest with you.

They get in trouble and you lose your funds that you have deposited in the account. Again, IronGatesFX trading platform will not put you in such a situation at all. The broker has ensured its compliance with AML and KYC.

By adhering to these policies, the broker is making sure traders can trade safely and be recognized with their accurate personal information. In simple words, the platform becomes safer through the compliance of these policies.

Is IronGatesFX Scam or Legit?

You can expect a lot of claims from a preying online broker, but it will never have any measures in place to protect your funds and information. When you see a broker with these features, you can be sure it is authentic, like the broker I’m talking about in this IronGatesFX review.

Final Thoughts

With the coming of crypto trading, the number of online traders has gone up tremendously. While it’s a great to see their interest in crypto trading, you can’t deny the fact that many bad guys are trying to deceive their traders and take their money. The security measures this broker is taking are a sigh of relief for traders who are worried about their information and funds security.

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