Japan’s Fukuoka City Mayor Meets with Ripple Executives

Ripple is seeing the hardest possible time because of all the regulatory clouds that are hovering over its head. The good name of Ripple is being dragged through the mud by SEC in the latest lawsuit that the regulatory commission filed against the cryptocurrency.

Ripple was stated as a security by the commission even when the cryptocurrency pleaded that it was not a security but a cryptocurrency and that SEC had already audited the crypto and stated it as an individual cryptocurrency has its own standing and values and later on spewed the security gimmick onto the crypto platform.

Anyway, the executives of Ripple had a very pleasant meeting with Fukuoka’s mayor, one of the largest and most futuristic cities in Japan. According to the head of Ripple’s corporate strategy and operations, Emi Yoshikawa, Fukuoka mayor, visited the headquarters of Ripple today, and they were received with a very warm welcome.

According to Emi Fukuoka is a futuristic city that believes in the foundations of cryptocurrencies and everything that it stands for; it is already working on bringing decentralization to the doorsteps of the people and working on the Web3 solutions that can make the lives of people easier and more advanced in terms of having financial independence.

XRP Adoption in the Asia Pacific Region

It might be received as a push for adoption among the fans and enthusiasts of Ripple cryptocurrency; despite the regulatory tensions rising high in the United States, the cryptocurrency is actually doing good in the Asia Pacific and European regions. It is possible that some kind of deal is struck between the Fukuoka city mayor and Ripple, or it gets listed among the type of cryptocurrencies that are widely accepted around the city.

Fukuoka is known for its relatively optimistic view of the crypto market and everything that the concept of decentralization and blockchain technology stands for. It is also possible that the city is just wanting to invest in a stronger crypto representative, and they have chosen Ripple for the job; it is too early to jump to conclusions.

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