Major Non-Fungible Tokens You Must Invest Due to their Profitable Nature

The non-fungible token (NFT) sector is highly profitable space within the crypto-verse. Many tokens offered through the space comprise of several tokens from the gaming and metaverse sectors.

Even when the overall crypto market situation is in the dark, there are NFTs that are performing really well. Let us have a look at the most promising NFTs in the past 7-days and see where they stand at the moment.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is primarily a F2P tactical card game. It allows the players to have ownership of the items and cards that are in-game. The game has been developed by some of the most experienced within the gaming sector. The game offers competitive play with the help of the cards with different power attributes, and benefits.

The items that the players own in the game, can be sold or traded on the game’s store. You can even buy the items through the store provided by the creators of the game.

Gods Unchained’s token is GODS whose current trading price versus the USDT is worth $0.9559. In the mentioned period Gods Unchained has recorded a 139.65% growth and its overall valuation is worth $22,617,494. The trading volume recorded for GODS in a 24-hour period is worth $46,685,839.


WEMIX is an ecosystem where you have access to multiple games that are blockchain-based. The ecosystem also offers many decentralized applications (DApps). The ecosystem does not require any (gas) fee at all.

The cryptocurrency on the WEMIX ecosystem is WEMIX that has a trading price of $2.98 per WEMIX. WEMIX has grown up by 47.65% and its valuation is currently sitting at $367,321,919. The trading 24-hour trading volume recorded on WEMIX is worth $217,876,627.


SuperRare is one of the major non-fungible token platforms. It is brags highly of is sales and in the NFT artwork space. Most importantly, it also makes sure that every artist is paid royalties for their artwork sales. The best thing about NFT is that no matter how many times an NFT is sold, its creator will always receive its royalty.

So far, the platform has sold more than $250 million worth of artworks. So far, SuperRare has been upgraded once in order to offer more benefits to the creators and buyers.

At present SuperRare is trading at a unit price of $0.256 per RARE. It has been one of the top performing NFT platforms having experienced a 30.95% growth. The trading volume recorded for SuperRare stands at $6,440,302. As for the valuation, it currently stands at $26,046,284.

Apart from the above, there are many more NFTs that have been performing really well. These NFTs include Circuits of Value, Yield Guild Games, and Mask Network.

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