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As a new trader who doesn’t have much experience, you are expected to encounter many scams in the world of crypto. Many scams get reported like a really famous one known as “Binary trading scam,” and they are not looking to end anywhere in the near future. No matter how secure you make your platform for trading, scammers are always going to come up with a new way to trick you. If a trader gets scammed, it just not only demoralizes him but also makes him paranoid about other legit companies as well. In order to facilitate such traders who faced scams, Money-back is a platform that focuses on dealing with such cases and helps traders retrieve their money. So for all the traders who got scammed by any fraudsters, they don’t have to worry much. Money-back is providing its services to at least try to get your money back so that you don’t feel hopeless, and with their experienced team and analysts, there are chances that you may get your money back as well. So in this article, we are going to have a deep look into the platform and answer some of the major concerns about the people who are looking to get their scammed money back.

How is Money-back different?

Money-back was founded with an agenda to retrieve the money of the traders who got scammed. The platform consists of a very experienced and motivated team to cater to their cases. They try to retrieve your scammed money by confronting the company who scammed you and threaten them by telling you about the possible legal actions that can be taken against them. As Money-back has been working in this field for some years now, they know exactly where to start from. The team members of Money-back are experienced and relevant to their field of work, which doesn’t only help them to deal with difficult cases, but they also know how to handle the traders who got scammed. The professional environment of Money-back helps traders to work with them side by side to take required action against scammers. The experience, motivation, and professionalism make them a very distinct option from others, and that is the reason why most of the traders who got scammed approach Money-back with the hope of retrieval of their funds, and they don’t disappoint you at all.

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Why should you trust Money-back?

As a new trader in the field, it is extremely demotivating if you get scammed, you may feel like a loser who got scammed by a bunch of people, but it is not actually true. And after you have gotten scammed by any company, it is not going to be easy to trust any company again, and we get that. That is where these articles come in handy to help traders out and to motivate them to take the right step after they have gotten a bad experience before. As our main goal of this article is to introduce you to a reliable platform that can help you to retrieve your money, so here are a few things that are going to help you to decide whether Money-back is the option you want to go with or not.

Experience matters a lot

As we all know, it is not easy for an average trader to deal with such scam companies, as they are more in number, teamed up, and working with great precautions to safeguard their existence. But you should not worry about that when you know that Money-back has been working in this field for more than four years now, the company has all the experience that is needed to trust them and hope that you will get your money back. But not only that, the individual expert that is a part of their team has way more experience in the field than the whole company, so that makes up a couple of decades of experience working alongside you so that you don’t feel alone or hopeless. Definitely, this experience makes it a huge deal why you should consider choosing Money-back over other less experienced platforms.

You have an option to bargain

Imagine you have got scammed and lost a lot of money in it. Of course, you are going to be crushed by this feeling and stress about how to get it back, especially when you are dealing in a field about which you don’t know much. And on top of that, when you approach, the only hope that you may have left in the form of money retrieving services, and they ask you for a hefty amount of money to pay in order to get your money back. This is where experience and professionalism kick in, Money-back has enough experience in the field to understand what a trader expects from these services, and he has already been through a great loss. That is why Money-back never gives you a fixed price for your case. The prices of the services vary from case to case, depending on what type of case it is and how big it is. So in order to give traders some leverage, they haven’t set fixed prices for any of their services. Instead, they provide you with an option to bargain and come up with a mutually decided price that is going to be beneficial for both parties. If a trader feels like a price they are demanding is too high or you have lost almost everything in the scam, so Money-back doesn’t leave you alone, you can still bargain and come up with a solution but only with mutual understanding.

Customer support is a key factor

Customer support is like a pillar of a building. If the pillar is not strong enough, it may cause the whole building to collapse. There are plenty of options on the internet that are offering services although they are not as experienced and promising as Money-back but still they are trying to catch up, but what they don’t focus on is customer support. It is no doubt the most important part of your experience, and especially in such scenarios where you know that the customer is already being scammed and emotionally as well as financially unstable. Money-back provides you with one of the best customer support in this field, and there are plenty of options for you to contact them. Their contact details are mentioned on their web-page if you want to book your consultation and to give you a little extra they offer you free first consultation.

Transparency is their goal

As a trader, it is your right to be aware of what has been the progress on your case. In order to facilitate customers, Money-back has kept their services transparent through which you can get regular updates on the progress. Other than that, everything is pre-decided, which includes what percentage of the retrieved money they will keep as their fees or what their policies are so that customer knows exactly what he is signing without any jargon. Money-back often also tells their customers about the strategy of how they are going to retrieve their money from the scammers and not only that but also gives you the average time that may be taken to retrieve your money so that you are not sitting at home wondering when will they contact you with the updates.

How Money-back retrieves your money?

Retrieving customer’s money can be a difficult task at times. There can be various factors that affect the results. But the most important participation that you can make as a trader is to be patient while they are trying to get your money back. The platform knows that it is not easy as a trader to be patient when you just lost your money. That is why they tell you how they are going to retrieve your money back.

The first step, which is almost necessary for every case, is the information. You are going to be asked about everything from your and the scammer’s account and how did they scam you. It is advised to tell them everything that you know as they are working for you and from your side. Your information can speed up the whole process and can also increase the chances of retrieval.

Once you have told everything that has happened to you, they are going to conduct research in which they will try to figure out their strategy for that case. For instance, they can contact the scam company and ask them to retrieve their money by threatening them about the legal consequences, but as it is likely not to get any response from such scams, so the next step they do is contact the banks or credit card companies for reimbursement. After coming to an agreement with banks or credit card companies, Money-back is going to send you your money through whatever means you prefer and will guide you to how to stay safe for the future.


If you have gotten scammed by any scammers out there, only you can understand how it feels. But Money-back has all the potential to understand your condition and to take every possible step which is essential for the retrieval of your money. But it is your choice to sit back and let these scammers do the same thing to anyone else, or you want to stand up and take action against them, but always remember that you are not alone. Money-back is there to help and back you up.

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