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Moonbeam Collaborates with Animo to Develop New Blockchain Game

The desire to offer an impressive gaming experience challenged tech companies to enter strategic partnerships. In a February 15 update, the Singaporean-based cross-chain platform Moonbeam Network sealed a partnership agreement with Animo Industries to develop a new game.

The partnership aims to enable the Moonbeam team to penetrate the vibrant gaming industry and expand its product offering. For years, Moonbeam has offered developers an innovative platform to build their projects on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Moonbeam Network Partners With Animo Industries

With the ongoing changes in the crypto ecosystem, the Moonbeam team has actively been exploring viable opportunities in the gaming industry. An announcement conveyed by the head of ecosystem development at Moonbeam Sicco Naets demonstrated that the partnership with Animo aligns with the company’s objective to onboard more users to the Web3 industry.

The executive confirmed that Moonbeam and Animo have a common vision of redefining the Web3 gaming industry. In his statement, Naets confessed that the Moonbeam team has lately been investing in integrating Web3 features into blockchain games.

The Moonbeam team believes that integrating the Web3-inspired feature into blockchain games will outdo the existing play-to-earn models that allow the player to be rewarded.

However the changes in customers’ preferences, inspired the Moonbeam team to prioritize meeting the needs of the players through emerging technologies. Under the partnership agreement, Moonbeam will offer financial assistance to the proposed integration.

Industry Leaders Envision Growth of the Gaming Industry

On the other hand, the Animo will utilize Moonbeam proprietory tools, including its smart contract parachains, to allow the game enthusiast to own in-game assets. The partners plan to revitalize the marketplace to allow the players to select a gaming item that suits their needs.

Naets stated that the proposed development would allow players to buy or sell specific gaming skin via the marketplace. The executive confirmed that Web3 and Web3 gaming products will be available on the marketplace.

The two agreed to add Web2 items to boost the gaming experiences and save time. The partnership coincides with Animo’s ongoing projects that aim to develop end-to-end gaming solutions.

Role of Blockchain in Gaming

In an earlier report, the Animo spokesperson confirmed that the company sought to introduce the Star Arena to the Epic Games Store. Also, the spokesperson admitted that the Animo developers were working on building a blockchain-oriented Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

The Animo’recent development portrays the company’s commitment to leveraging blockchain’s power  in gaming.The spokesperson envisioned that the gaming industry would attain the desired growth stage in future.

Citing a recent study, Animo noted that the gaming industry will attain 400% growth by 2030.This forced the Animo developers to introduce advanced features allowing players to buy and own in-game digital assets.

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