New Data Says Over 3600 Crypto-Related Trademark Applications Filed in 2022

The crypto market is at its all-time low except for the Ether because it is bound to receive the latest update by the name of Merge in the coming few days, and according to the data, it is presently enjoying a bullish run, and that is the only cryptocurrency that is doing so at the moment.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is in ruins, losing its resistance level one too many times; institutional investors and others have lost their hearts in Bitcoin, and they have potentially moved on to other assets for investing purposes.

Growing Crypto Adoption

There is steady growth in the crypto market despite the price cuts and the negative price movements across the board, which suggests that the crypto market is going to give way to newer and better technologies.

According to research, about 3600 different US trademarks have been filed in 2022 alone, and that is triple the amount that was filed back in 2021. This suggests only one thing, and that is the fact that people are taking a vivid interest in the crypto segment, and many are exploring the DApps, and the NFTs as many pop stars, actors, and others are getting into this new and exciting field.

NFTs have become the hot product on the market; everyone wants an NFT, but more than that, everyone wants to develop their own NFTs so they can sell them at a later date and skyrocket their profit.

It is just like actors and other famous people out there selling their personal items and artefacts to fans, but despite being tangible like any other physical thing, these elements are completely digital and, therefore intangible.

US Patent and Trademark Office has revealed that they are initially packed at the moment, receiving tons of trademarks that are positioned towards the crypto market; a majority of these trademarks are actually focused on NFTs as these have become the next hot thing to be sold on the crypto market, and it has tempted the attention of movie stars, sports players and many other celebrities from around the globe.

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