Nigerian Law Enforcers Nabs Former Politician for His Involvement Patricia Technologies Exploit

In a recent report, the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has nabbed the man behind the Patricia Technologies multi-million theft. After months of extensive investigation and continuous attempts to bring down the Patricia Technologies hackers, the NPF has taken legal action against Wilfred Bonse, a renowned Nigerian politician.

The NPF arrested Mr. Bonse for violating Nigerian laws by engaging in exploitative activities. The law enforcers noted that the politician was the mastermind behind Patricia Technologies’ theft, which resulted in the loss of 200 million naira, equivalent to $246,153.

Police Arrest Man Behind Patricia Technologies Exploit

News concerning the arrest of a former gubernatorial aspirant was shared by Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the NPF public relations officer. According to Adejobi, Mr Bonse was accused of supporting the hackers in laundering stolen funds worth $61538.

The executive recognized the exemplary work by the Nigerian law enforcers in addressing crypto crimes. The successful operation to bring Bonse down was led by the National Cybercrime Center (NCC) in collaboration with the NPF.

Adejobi noted that the Patricia Technologies case was complex since it involved several criminal charges. A report submitted by the probing team to the inspector general of police Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun demonstrated that the attackers behind Patricia Technologies’ theft engaged in a criminal conspiracy, unauthorized access to the computer system and network database and laundering funds.

The report revealed that Bonse was charged with the theft of millions of funds and unauthorized transfer of money from Patricia Technologies to external wallets.

Police Investigates Patricia Technologies Theft

A statement from NPF spokesperson revealed that the politician was laundering $61800 from Patricia Technologies to his bank account. He added that the transfer was made through a crypto wallet.

The spokesperson confirmed that Bonse collaborated with other individuals  conduct the Patricia Technologies exploit. He affirmed that the NPF are in a rush to purge the criminals. The arrest of Bonse has demonstrated the NPF’s commitment to safeguarding the crypto industry.

From May, the NPF, in collaboration with other Nigerian law enforcers, have engaged in intense investigations to support Patricia Technologies in recovering the customers’ funds.

Following the $2 million exploit, the Patricia team took preventive action to support its recovery plans. In an earlier report, the crypto firm converted the customers’ funds to its native token, PTK.

The Patricia team pledged to refund the customers in future. Besides the proposed repayment, the crypto firm took decisive action to restore integrity and build customer confidence by introducing PTK convertible notes.

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