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NordEquity Review

NordEquity logoAs the rate of cybersecurity threats keeps increasing day by day, internet users are growing wary of online platforms – specifically ones that ask for financial information. This phenomenon is dissuading people from starting online trading, so there’s a need for secure platforms that are designed to meet traders’ requirements.

One option I’ll bring up in this case is broker platform, which is equipped with multiple advanced cybersecurity features. With this NordEquity review, I’ll discuss how it uses these features to keep traders safe.

Specifically, I’ll cover aspects of how it protects users’ data, their funds, and more to ensure a safe trading experience. Of course, I’ll mention a couple of non-security features that caught my eye. So, let’s see if this online broker fits the bill when it comes to security and functionality.

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Protected By Advanced Encryption Protocol 

To start off, the Nord Equity broker platform is equipped with an advanced encryption protocol that can help protect users’ data. It works by encrypting any data that the user sends to the platform via their browser and vice versa. So, any sensitive or personal data, like their name or credit card information, is encrypted. When it’s encrypted, it reduces the risk of it getting intercepted by bad actors who could potentially exploit it for nefarious purposes.

Users can notice this by checking if their browser has a secure connection with the platform. If they see the sign indicating a secure connection, it means that their data is encrypted. It also provides protection while users conduct transactions via the online broker.

Strict KYC and AML Policy 

The next thing I want to cover when it comes to security is the fact that the trading platform has strict Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies in place. The reason for these policies is to prevent criminals and bad actors from using the platform as a way to launder money. As per the Know Your Customer policies, all new users will have to verify their identity while joining the NordEquity broker platform.

That way, the broker can ensure that the person signing up is who they claim to be. It prevents instances of identity theft, which is when someone signs up for a service by using someone else’s information. In the case of Anti-Money Laundering policies, the platform flags any suspicious transactions. It also requires traders to use the same deposit and withdrawal methods for specific amounts.

Segregated Accounts and Verified Payments

When you make a deposit on an online platform, it’s only natural to wonder where your money went. This applies to online traders as well, who are cautious about where they use their hard-earned funds.

In the case of the Nord Equity trading platform, this money goes to a secure, segregated account. This account is entirely separate from the one the platform uses to run operations. That means, in the event that it seizes operations, all funds will be returned to the platform users. Also, the NordEquity broker platform offers safe and verified payment methods for users who want to make deposits.

Restricted Access To Leverages 

NordEquity trading leverages

The last thing I’ll mention in this NordEquity review is how it offers limited access to leverages. Only traders who sign up with a premium account can access high leverage on their trades. The reason is that making leveraged trades can also mean incurring a much larger risk.

To prevent inexperienced traders from incurring this level of risk, the NordEquity trading platform limits their access. Only traders with premium accounts can make high-leverage trades, and since it’s mostly experts who use that account, the platform ensures that beginners aren’t making risky decisions.

Is NordEquity Scam or Legit?

Besides the advanced security features, I like its functionality as well. The NordEquity trading platform offers an array of asset classes so that traders can build diverse portfolios. This includes popular cryptocurrencies for crypto trading, stock options, forex, and more.

It even offers a user-friendly interface so that traders don’t need to worry about using an entirely different version when switching to a different device. Considering how it provides the latest trading tools as well, the platform looks quite legit.

Bottom Line 

All in all, this NordEquity review goes into detail about how the platform employs different security methods as a way to give users peace of mind while trading. For starters, it’s protected through an encryption protocol, which is designed to encrypt all user data traveling between the browser and the platform.

Secondly, it has rigid KYC and AML policies in place as a way to keep criminals off the platform. It restricts access to higher leverages to prevent beginners and inexperienced traders from incurring major losses. And it keeps traders’ funds in a segregated account while offering verified payment methods.

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