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ONOTEX logoI wonder why some online companies choose to focus on a particular group of traders when their services can hugely benefit many other types of traders. What I am trying to say is that some companies focus only on newbies while others provide trading features more suited to professionals.

Is there a platform that can provide a trading system that suits both, experienced and new traders? If you have been looking for such a platform, you have come to the right place because this ONOTEX review is going to be all about that.

I am a trader like you, but I have spent some years in this activity. If you are new, I can help you with a lot of useful information. If you are an experienced trader, I might give you something that makes your existing trading experience even better than before. I have been researching online companies and their trading services for many years like it is my duty.

Yes, it is my duty because I don’t want people to lose their initial investments like I did when I had just started trading for the first time. So, here is some detailed info on ONOTEX to help you get started with a right broker.

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Licensed Trading

It does not matter how many years you have been trading for because if you end up signing up with an unlicensed or unregistered company, you could lose all your money. Most experts pay attention to these details before they sign up with companies.

They are not solely concerned with profits or losses. They know they can always bear losses and make up for them through profits, but what they can’t make up for is giving their money to a fraud. The first thing you want to pay attention to is the licensure of the company and its registration.

If you see that the company is not registered, I highly recommend you don’t sign up with the company. You can end up in a situation that you will not like. Not to mention, you can lose all your investment. The company that I am talking to you about has this particular area of trading covered. It is a professional online trading platform making your life easy as a trader.

It is a licensed online platform with proper registration in place. This means you are not signing up with a fraud. You are signing up with a company that really cares about you and is serious about providing you with professional online trading.

So, what I think is that this point is the most important one to consider for new and experienced traders. I have seen online entities that provide their services only to newbies because they know they won’t ask a lot of questions, allowing them to have their way.

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Progress through Account Types

So, if you have never considered trading before and it’s the first time you have felt the spark inside you for it, you should start with a Silver account. You would not want to spend all your money on trading right away and that’s why I recommend picking the Silver account.

ONOTEX has given you four account types to choose from, each has its own features and an initial deposit that you will need to open the account. You can see that there is something for everyone. Even with the Silver account, you are getting some great features such as customer support available 24/7, and mildly big leverages.

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Small to Big Leverages

I am telling you from my personal experience that a lot of online companies are lazy when it comes to picking leverage ranges for their traders. They just pick one leverage and slather it on to every account type. They don’t tell you that leverages can be extremely risky for new traders.

I like the fact that this company offers you leverages of only 1:20 when you are new. If you go with a higher account, you can have bigger leverages as well. To be accurate, the VIP account offers you leverages of 1:150. Now that’s huge.

Final Thoughts

As a trader, when you sign up with ONOTEX, you can progress to become an experienced trader in no time. It will teach you the skill in the best possible manner through its glossary and other training features. It will help you with account executives so you can reach the level of trading that you have always dreamed of.

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