Paxful is Launching E-Commerce Tool for Bitcoin Payments

Paxful, a marketplace for P2P (peer-to-peer) digital currency transactions, has declared about the launching of Paxful Pay. It is the latest solution in e-commerce, which will accept bitcoin as payment to expand the businesses globally.

The customers will be allowed to adopt about 400 methods for payment to be converted to BTC and then transferred to the digital wallet of the relevant business. PayPay, Zelle, and other services like these are included in the aforementioned methods. After depositing, the merchants will be allowed to maintain the wallets and change the bitcoins into the currency of their locality through the Paxful Marketplace. P2P platform for a bitcoin exchange is used to carry out Paxful Pay transactions. In the meantime, the vendor and buyer handle all the fees without spending any money while they use Paxful Pay being a merchant.

Paxful Pay is heading towards announcing the assistance for stablecoins like Tether at the time when bitcoin is the centre of focus in cryptocurrency. In addition, it is intended by Paxful Pay to soon include BTC in the conversions to local currency.

At the launch of Paxful Pay, it was disclosed by the parent company that more than 100 vendors are already part of the platform and intend to take in more in the future. Paxful’s CEO, Ray Youseff, is said to be the person who came up with the idea of the Paxful project. In the announcement, it was expressed that people are seen using bitcoin for purchasing services as well as commodities in several countries of the world. In this respect, there are various utilizations of bitcoin. To begin with, e-commerce is one of the good examples. Moreover, it will be the priority of the platform to provide the businesses and individual consumers, all over the globe, with the facility of getting benefit out of the value of bitcoin for gaining freedom in finance.

This project allows e-commerce consumers to opt for Paxful Pay in the same way as they elect other methods of payment. Paxful Marketplace can also be accessed by the users while using Paxful Pay. Previously, debit cards, which were linked to digital wallets, have been launched by the firm. The users were allowed to trade bitcoin and gold as inter-exchangeable.

Paxful was founded in 2015 and went through some re-adjustments since then. Its headquarter is in New York, and its offices are situated in the Philippines, Estonia, and Russia. In the time of previous 12 months, the size of the people in the company has amplified to the double reaching over 400.

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