PayPal to Allow UK Customers Buy, Sell or Hold Cryptocurrency

On Monday, PayPal announced allowing its Britain users to buy, hold, and sell digital coins this week. The financial giant will accomplish the crypto deals through its payment platform. Moreover, this is the first time PayPal is offering such services to the area.

PayPal joins the digital currency trend as most payments platforms in the US followed such steps earlier in 2021.

The US fintech firm announced that its latest service would permit UK clients to access four crypto types: BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH.

Users can access the digital coins via the website or PayPal app. The platform plans to launch the services this week. Moreover, eligible clients will have the upgrade in the coming few weeks.

PayPal confirmed that it would create an additional tab on its platform. The functionality will show real-time cryptocurrency values.

PayPal’s Jose Fernandez Ponte said that the pandemic had changed innovations and digital transactions in our day-to-day lives. That included money digitization and increased digital currency adoption by consumers.

He stated his hopes that many UK residents will have a chance to explore cryptocurrencies with the firm’s update.

He added that PayPal is committed to cooperating with the United Kingdom regulators and other regions to ensure the best crypto-related services.

Keep in mind that the crypto market has seen increased regulatory pressure over the past months. Most countries want to streamline the crypto sector, preventing customer manipulation and crimes related to the assets. Regulated cryptocurrency platforms will give you the confidence to enjoy profits.

Fernandez Ponte said that PayPal would offer support and contribute to shaping virtual coins for the financial space in the future.

PayPal’s mobile transaction service Venmo accepted US customers to buy, sell or hold digital assets using its application in April.

That came after PayPal allowed crypto enthusiasts to pay with digital coins in March.

The cryptocurrency market seems to enjoy money-making moves this year. The sector has seen heightened institutional investor interest.

With that, it is undeniable that crypto is here to stay. For now, analysts expect the positive developments to fuel cryptos to high price levels.

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