Price Analysis of MetaPlanet (MPL) and Covid Slice (COVID19)

In the past 24-hours, the investors’ interest has surged towards the accumulation of MetaPlanet (MPL). This is the reason why the investors are pouring in a lot of money in order to acquire more MetaPlanet in the process.

It is because of the constant investments from the investors that a strong rally has been launched in favor of the bulls. As of now, the price of MetaPlanet is growing higher as the rally created by the investors is worth 587.95%.

At the time of writing, the price of MetaPlanet is worth 0.000141 versus USDT. From the looks of it, the price of MetaPlanet may continue growing higher. The investors still have strong (positive) sentiments about MetaPlanet and they may continue with their rally.

If the sentiments of the investors remain strong, they will continue adding more money to the cause. This may result in pushing the price of MetaPlanet even higher. It is being predicted that in case the investors keep adding more money, the price of MetaPlanet may be pushed up to 0.000247 versus USDT.

The data shows that even the relative strength index is above the line number 50. This means that the current trend of MetaPlanet is in the positive direction and its price may continue growing higher. In near future, the investors may increase their buying power to push MetaPlanet’s price up to 0.000301 versus USDT.

The data surrounding Covid Slice (COVID19) shows that the investors may be losing their interest in accumulating COVID19. This is the reason why Covid Slice’s price has dived tremendously in the past 24-hours.

The data suggests that in the past 24-hours, Covid Slice’s price has dimmed by 99.41%. This means that the price of Covid Slice has tripped tremendously and its trend is currently hovering in the bearish zone.

The investors are losing their confidence surrounding Covid Slice and they may continue shedding off Covid Slice in the upcoming days. Their constant selling pressure may continue triggering high selling sprees surrounding Covid Slice.

This may cause the price of Covid Slice to fall even deeper. At the time of writing, the price of Covid Slice is 0.0002601 versus USDT. If the bears manage to push harder, they would be able to drag Covid Slice’s price even lower.

Keeping the current trend in mind, the bears may bring the price of Covid Slice all the way down to 0.0002307 versus USDT. Once the bears manage to bring Covid Slice’s price lower, they will gain more confidence in continuing with their selling spree.

The mass-selling initiated by the bears may result in pushing the price of Covid Slice even lower. In such a case, the price of Covid Slice may be pushed down to 0.0002037 versus USDT.

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