Prosecutors Bring Bitcoin Robbers’ To Trial Before A Russian Court

Bitcoins Robbers Awaiting Court Trial

In an armed robbery, wherein the robbers exploited an individual miner, are awaiting a Court trial before Kirovsky Court located in Tomsk, Russia.

This is going to be the first criminal case involving crypto which the Russian Court is going to try.

According to the information provided by prosecutors, the trial involves charges of armed robbery and stealing of crypto funds in Bitcoin.

It was informed that an individual residing in Tomsk was robbed by two individuals who were also residents of Tomsk.

The Robbery

The two robbers knew that the person they were going to rob was a crypto miner by profession.

The incident of armed robbery took place in October 2021 at the residence of the victim. The robbers stormed into the victim’s home (who was about to leave for the market) and placed the gun on his head.

The victim was then taken to his computer and demanded by the robbers to log into his laptop. The robbers then forced the victim to transfer Bitcoin lying in his wallet to an unidentified address.

At this point, the victim told the robbers that neither he was involved in cryptocurrencies nor he owned any. However, one of the robbers said to the victim forcefully that they knew the victim was a miner and had Bitcoins in his possession.

Being threatened, the victim then logged into his account with a crypto trading platform which showed a total of 90 Bitcoins in his wallets.

The robbers then asked the victim to transfer 86 Bitcoins to an identified account which the victim did.

At that time in October 2021, 86 Bitcoins meant roughly over $4.8 Million i.e. over 360 million in Russian ruble.

Why 86 and Not 90 Bitcoins? A Mystery Remains To Be Unfold

What was surprising in this whole event of robbery was why the robbers did not steal entire Bitcoins from the victim’s account.

Obviously, the account of the victim contained 90 Bitcoins, however, the robbers left 4 Bitcoins for a reason best known to them. It is expected that this mystery would also come to an end once the trial proceedings are commenced.

Arrests of the Armed Robbers

After the armed robbery, the victim lodged a complaint before local law enforcement agencies. An FIR was then registered upon which an inquiry was initiated.

The authorities managed to track down one of the robbers who was then taken into St. Petersburg’s police custody.

Upon questioning, the arrested robber also gave up the name and locality of his accomplice. The authorities put enough pressure on the robber to get him to talk and reveal the details of the crime.

Meanwhile, the robber, who was first arrested, pleaded guilty, and resultantly he was asked by the Court to return the stolen proceeds. Consequently, the first robber returned the stolen proceedings.

As per the prosecution, the first robber returned to cash in Russian rubles equivalent to $479,000. This is a huge amount that the robber has returned that he stole in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Now the second robber is awaiting his trial which is going to commence next week since he was arrested later. It is expected that the second robber may also return the money he had stolen in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Charges against Bitcoin Robbers

The Official Prosecutor General had charged the robbers with armed robbery and stealing of property.

If the accused pleads guilty then the jail sentence is reduced. However, in case the accused, decides to pursue the trial as not guilty, and the verdict comes against him, then he could be sentenced to jail for 15 years maximum.

Furthermore, the person would be asked to return the stolen proceeds plus damages, interests, etc. In addition, the Court would also impose a fine minimum of 1 million in Russian ruble or as it may deem fit.

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