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Quantbitex Review

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To trade online assets, you need to be affiliated with a good and reliable platform, like Quantbitex. A broker service working in the market for the past couple of years will be discussed in this Quantbitex review.

Online trading was not familiar to many traders a couple of years ago. Traders thought that all of the trades happen through physical means, and no one thought it would even be possible to trade by just sitting at home. But it has become possible because of the introduction of the internet. When this concept of online trading was launched, traders didn’t understand the potential and reliability of this market and didn’t take it seriously. But the same traders who used to say that this market is not worth it now regret their decision not to invest. If you are an old-school trader who thinks that trading can only be done through physical means, then this review might not be suitable for you. But if you are an educated and sensible trader, or want to become one, then there is a lot for you to learn from this review.

Starting with the term broker, many of you would be wondering what a broker is? It provides you a platform where you can trade online assets. A broker is just like a middleman who is working between you and the online market. If you think you don’t want any middleman and want to trade in an online market directly, it is impossible. Because you have to be affiliated with any service providers providing you the platforms where you can trade online, but that doesn’t mean you go and sign up with the first broker you see. Like in any other form of trading, it is the right of the customer to research the product that he is interested in. If you are willing to trade online through a broker, you must study that broker thoroughly to make a mistake.

Are you confused about where to find good brokers? It is not that hard. In fact, after reading this review, you will know everything about this broker named Quantbitex because I have done the tricky part and researched everything about this broker. Through this review, I will share my knowledge and findings of this broker with you to know what you are committing to. But before we start with the context, let me tell you some things that you should keep in mind.

There are a lot of brokers who are offering services in the online market. But the reason why I choose this broker is that others are offering you pretty fascinating features and services, but the customers who have worked with them are not satisfied with their broker. This is the main reason why most of the inexperienced traders face loss because they are working with a bogus trading platform. But I don’t want that to happen to you guys; this is why I will tell you some things that you should always keep in mind before choosing your broker.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that big names are not the only option. No doubt big names are working in the market that offers good services, but that doesn’t mean that they are bound to be good enough for you. Every trader has his preferences and requirements. If this broker is fulfilling your needs, you shouldn’t delay registering with this broker because it is making sure that its customers are satisfied with their broker, unlike other brokerage firms. The second thing you should keep in mind while choosing a broker is whether or not that broker meets your needs. Many traders have different types of needs; it is not necessary that if one trader didn’t like a broker, others should not work with it. If you think that this broker is offering services that are best for your interest, then you must register with it without any stress.

With all of that being said, now we will discuss the features which are offered by Quantbitex so that you can get a better idea of this broker.

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A Complete Trading Platform

A trading platform is software that is provided by the brokers through which traders can manage their trades. If you are a trader, then you would know the importance of trading platforms. If you ask me; what is the best feature that a broker can offer, then that is the trading platform. Imagine if you want to trade your assets or forget about the trades. Even if you’re going to register yourself with a firm, you will have to go through the process, which will be done through a trading platform. And let us not forget that all of your trades and monitoring of your account will be done through this platform, so how important a trading platform would be for traders? This means that traders will have to experience the trading platform almost every day if you are a day-to-day trader. The point is that a trading platform has to be perfect.

We are focusing on Quantbitex in this review, so let us talk about its trading platform. Among the brokers that I have researched and experienced, the trading platform of Quantbitex is one of the most interactive and user-friendly. It welcomes the visitor with a modern and sleek design that is accompanied by advanced technology and tools. No matter if you are an experienced trader or have joined the trading market. The trading platform of Quantbitex is suitable for every type of trader regardless of his experience. Nothing is just roaming around there, which makes it highly manageable for the traders. And let me tell you a unique thing about this platform, traders can manage the interface according to their own choice. Yes, it is accurate, and I have not seen such platforms which allow traders to customize their trading platforms according to what they want.

If you have been trading in the market, then you would probably know this point, but if you are a beginner, then let me tell you that the trading market changes very quickly. This means that a trader can’t afford to waste any time making decisions regarding his investments. There are many tools and graphs that will help you make the right decision, but on top of all that, this trading platform requires no downloading. This means that traders can log in to their accounts and start trading. It is one of the most convenient ways to trade online, and it has become possible because of the web-based trading platform of Quantbitex. There are a lot of benefits of having a web-based trading platform. The first one is that no matter where you are, you can trade your assets. For example, if you are enjoying your time with your family at home, and all of a sudden, you hear the news that your assets are going to decrease in price. You want to sell your assets. Then it is possible through the trading platform of Quantbitex because you can do it instantly. And if you are traveling somewhere, and want to trade through your mobile phone, then it is possible as well.

When you start to use the trading platform of Quantbitex, you will notice that the trading platform of Quantbitex is speedy and has zero lag. Every tool which can help you in trading is kept in its place. The interface of the trading platform is very user-friendly, and it is easy for inexperienced traders to understand as well.

Trading Instruments of Quantbitex

There are a lot of markets in online trading. Online trading is not a single instrument market, and every trader has its own preferences when it comes to choosing a trading instrument. But if you are a trader who wants to test the potential of different markets, then Quantbitex is the best place you can do it. If you are registered with a broker who is offering only one trading instrument, and you want to trade other instruments as well. Then it is possible only if you are registered with a broker who is offering you a wide variety of trading instruments to choose from. Quantbitex is offering multiple trading markets as follows:

Let’s start with the first market, which Quantbitex offers. This market is one of the oldest markets in trading history, and millions of traders are trading this instrument. I am talking about the stock market, which most of you would hear of. It is the market where different companies list their stocks and allow traders to buy shares and earn from the profit earned by the company. Quantbitex has listed the stocks of major companies, which will attract many traders.

The second market that is offered by Quantbitex is forex trading. This market is a place where investors invest in currencies of different countries. The price difference between currencies helps traders to earn profits out of it. There is a massive number of traders who want to invest in forex. That is why Quantbitex has included this market in its platform to allow thousands of traders to trade through this broker with ease.

The third market which we are going to talk about is cryptocurrencies. This is one of the most popular trading markets nowadays, regardless of the fact that it was first started back in 2009 by the first-ever cryptocurrency named Bitcoin. After almost a decade, this market has gained so much hype because of its potential that millions of traders are willing to invest their capital in this potent market. Quantbitex is the best place where you can invest in cryptocurrencies without worrying about anything.

Then there are other markets like Indices and Commodities, which are also offered by Quantbitex to allow traders to trade these assets. If you are interested in trading any of these assets, then Quantbitex is the right platform for you to do it.

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Security Of Traders

The Internet is a place where people connect together from all around the world. This invention has created endless opportunities and truly is a great way to trade across the border. But there are some drawbacks of this technology as well. We are talking about the security threats that can cost you a lot of harm. Especially when you are trading online, many hackers and scammers are working in the same market but with a different motto. Their motto is to scam traders who don’t know about this market and are easy to rob. If you are an inexperienced trader and worry about this threat, why are you getting nervous when you make your way here. I am going to help you to make sure that your assets and information are safe and secure.

For that reason, I have researched the privacy policies of Quantbitex and found out that it has adopted two different types of policies that will help traders trade without worrying about any scams happening. The first policy that is adopted by Quantbitex is the KYC policy. This policy is designed to restrict any scammers from making an account with this broker. This gives the legitimate traders who really want to trade online assets without worrying about the scammers through Quantbitex. As soon as you start making an account with this broker, you will be asked to verify your account by providing certain legal documents like a national ID card and utility bill to prove your identity and residence. This proof is enough to give the legitimacy of you being a legal trader and not a scammer.

The second policy that is adopted by Quantbitex is named AML or Anti Money Laundering policy. This policy is designed to restrict any illegal activity from happening. These illicit activities rose in numbers like money laundering, and this caught the eyes of many financial regulatory authorities, which made it compulsory for regulated platforms to adopt these policies.

Another good thing about this broker is that it has infused the latest encryption technology, which will add to the security of the platform. If you are looking for a safe platform to trade with, then Quantbitex is the best option you have at the moment. This broker is offering you that ultimate peace of mind while you are trading.

Customer Support Service

The one thing that determines whether a broker is reliable or not is the customer support service. Everyone can offer many features that may fascinate traders. But the most important thing that should be provided is customer support. Unfortunately, not every broker is considering this point, which is why they lack this essential service. Yes, it is not a feature. It is a necessity to become a good broker. Quantbitex has considered this point and is offering one the most responsive customer support services in the market.

If you have any questions related to the platform of Quantbitex, you can reach out to the FAQ section listed on the platform. There you will find answers to most of your questions and confusions, and it is that simple. But if you can’t find your question in the FAQ section, you can contact the support team of Quantbitex, which will respond to you in no time and resolve your issues immediately.

Multiple Types Of Trading Account

Every trader is not experienced. Some traders have just joined the trading market and are still in the learning phase. To accommodate most of the traders, Quantbitex has designed multiple types of trading accounts which are going to help traders to choose the account which suits them the most. Here is the list of the accounts that are offered by Quantbitex:

  • Basic trading account

The first type of trading account that is offered by Quantbitex is named a Basic trading account. This account is designed for beginners who have just stepped into the trading market and want to learn the basic trading techniques and perform their trades. This is why the minimum deposit limit of this account is kept as low as 250 Euros which is very little. It can go up to a maximum of 4,999 Euros. The features of this account include 1:50 leverage, 24/5 customer support, and a lot more.

  • Silver trading account

This type of trading account is designed for intermediate traders who have learned the basics of trading and want to level up their trading skills. The minimum deposit limit of this account is kept at 5,000 Euros, and it can go up to a maximum of 24,999 Euros which suits the traders of this level. Features of this account include 1:100 leverage and much more.

  • Gold trading account

Gold trading accounts are designed for professional traders, and this is why the minimum deposit limit of this account is kept a bit high, which matches the trading needs of professional traders. You can invest a minimum of 25,000 Euros and a maximum of 100,000 Euros with this account in the trading market. This account unlocks most of the features like account executive, daily market reviews, one-on-one educational courses, and much more.

  • Platinum trading account

This account is designed for professional traders who want to learn advanced trading techniques and play big games. The minimum deposit limit of this account is kept 100,000 Euros, and it can go up to 249,999 Euros. The features of this account include 1:400 leverage, event trading, and much more.

  • Diamond trading account

The last type of trading account that is offered by Quantbitex is named a Diamond trading account. This account is designed for the traders who have the most experienced in the market and are able to invest enormous amounts of money in online trading. The minimum deposit limit of this account is 250,000 Euros and can go up to infinity. This account unlocks every feature that is offered by the broker.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good trading platform which is offering all the features and tools that can help you enhance your trading experience, then Quantbitex is the best option for you at the moment.

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