RSK Infrastructure Framework To Simplify the Bitcoin DeFi Experience With a Solution Called RIF Enveloping

IOVlabs – a software development company assigned to the task of developing Bitcoin-based smart contracts network using the DeFi technology has in conjunction with the RIF (RSK Infrastructure Framework) community come up with an easier and straightforward design for the cross-chain interaction.

Based on a press release, the process of onboarding new clients to the Bitcoin’s DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols has been eased by the Bitcoin side chain, RSK. In simpler words, there is no need for purchasing more tokens just for paying network fees.

RIF Enveloping eradicates fees’ concerns

With this new solution called RIF Enveloping, the fees required for the initial transactions can be subsidized by a third party. This means that smart contracts will be of assistance in funding transactions and will get rid of the unnecessary tokens that the end-users can likely generate as network fees.

Users with no technical skills can also benefit in this newly improved user experience when interacting with the decentralized finance protocols and this option can be integrated into every crypto wallet.

RSK Co-founder and the CEO of IOVlabs, Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar emphasized the significance of the release. He said; The RIF Enveloping Solution is a significant tool to enhance the experience of users on the blockchain decentralized networks via the services offered by the conventional banks while creating a lasting path to wallets’ and token issuers’ sustainability.

Beexo became the first among many wallets to integrate RIF Enveloping

After the release of the RIF Enveloping, Beexo became the first wallet to integrate the service. Beexo founder and CEO, Ezequiel Cuesta I., made mention of the importance of the new technological solution to the revolution of cryptocurrency. He said in the release that it is a happy thing to be a pioneer in the crypto space and also in integrating the new revolutionary technology, we as a company will consistently be on the path of improving our services as we provide our users with secure and privacy-oriented transactions and communications, and adopting the RIF Enveloping Solution is key in ensuring that”

IOVlabs has been a company at the forefront of software development in the crypto space and has been empowering the hash power of BTC with the smart contracts’ functionality. Likewise, the RSK Infrastructure Framework is a member of the DeFi family that has been addressing the case of multiple uses of smart contracts on BTC.

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