Solana Labs Launching Saga ‘Chapter 2’ by Next Year

In a January 16 update, Solana Labs revealed plans to launch Saga Chapter 2 smartphones to boost firms’ profitability. The launching of the latest version of the Saga smartphone came after Solana oversold the device during the Christmas season. Last month, the sales of Saga smartphones defied the odds after the demand for the phone surpassed supply.

Solana Upgrading Saga Smartphone to Chapter 2

At that time, Solana  rewarded the users with a measurable amount of BONK meme coin valued twice the price of the Saga smartphone. The discovery of free tokens saw the sale of Saga smartphones jumping off the shelf.

After attaining considerable sales, Solana Labs agreed to invest in upgrading the Saga smartphone to meet the customer’s demands. The proposed upgrades will involve improving the core features of the Saga smartphone.

The team behind the Saga mobile phone plans to make the smartphones affordable to the community by reducing the prices of the devices. The Solana team projects that Saga will drop to around $450 pre-order price from the current market market value of $599.

Initially, the Saga smartphone was valued at $999 in April 2023. Shortly after the launch of the Saga smartphone, the Solana team labeled the smartphone as a crypto investment gone wrong.

Features of Saga Smartphone

At this time, the Solana proponent was not interested in acquiring the smartphone due to its high price. The report revealed that only 20,000 units were available for the initial sale.

A review of the on-chain data demonstrated that only a few thousand of the original Saga smartphones were purchased. The decreased sales created mixed reactions among the team behind the Saga smartphone.

Months after the crypto mobile phone launch, the Solana team agreed to lower the price of the Saga smartphone to attract investor interest. Besides reducing the costs, the Solana team rewarded the buyers with an airdrop of 30 million tokens.

A review of the market performance of crypto assets demonstrated that the BONK token was trading at $1025 in December. Compared to the price of the Saga smartphone, the buyers noted that BONK was valued more than the ordinary price of the device.

The BONK reward motivated more customers to invest in Saga smartphones. The Solana team also issued other tokens and nonfungible token rewards to the Saga owners.

The primary objective of the rewards was to enable Saga to attain a sustainable customer base. Since last month, thousands of Saga smartphones have been listed on eBay. The report indicates that to reach a larger audience, the Solana team ensured that Saga was readily available in the market.

The Solana team confirmed that the new version of the Saga smartphone will be available in the market in 2025.

Solana Agrees to Integrate Additional Feature on Saga Smartphone

In the report, the Solana team confessed that the incoming pre-order period will run for a limited time. The Solana team will accept deposits to be made by interested buyers before the official launch of the Saga smartphone.

The report underlined that the deposits made before the pre-order period will be nonrefundable. Based on the satisfactory sales made in December, the Solana team projected that the launch of the latest version of Saga mobile will attract the interest of potential investors.

Therefore, launching the pre-order sale will guide the Solana team on whether to proceed with the project. The report revealed that the early buyers would receive refunds if Solana failed to receive a substantial pre-order.

A review of the Saga product description demonstrated that the mobile phone will be positioned on the Solana to allow the user access to a decentralized application of this network.

The report illustrated that the Saga user would enjoy the benefits offered by Solana-inspired wallets, including excellent security and privacy features. Despite the effort made by Solana Labs to tailor the Saga smartphone according to the market needs, market critics doubted the quality of the phone.

In a separate writing, the speculators argued that the Saga Chapter 2 will have modest specifications compared to the original smartphone.

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