Terra Continues Travelling in Bullish Territory with 7.95% Push in Past 24-hours

Terra (LUNA) at present, is experiencing a high trend and the investors are interested to increase their gains buying investing in it. In the past 24-hours, the value of Terra has experienced a 7.95% surge, and the past 7-day analysis also shows a weighted growth of 22.91%.

Terra’s Price Movement in the Past 7-days

The analysis for Terra shows that on March 26, its value was at a low of $90.1 per LUNA. Until March 28, Terra’s price kept hovering in the same territory until the investors launched their attack, pushing it all the way to $110.78 on March 31.

This was a strong push for Terra given the fact that the cryptocurrency industry is currently very uncertain about the future prices of major cryptocurrencies.

The trading volume for Terra was also lower than where it stands at the moment. The investors have been investing a lot of money in order to keep the rally alive and this would continue increasing the trading volume for Terra.

Current Sentiments of the Terra Investors

In the past 24-hours, Terra’s price experienced a dip, bringing its value down to $99.336 per LUNA but the bulls were quick to react. They not only bought Terra to fill the void but they also increased their buying efforts with aim of pushing Terra’s value up to $111.56 per LUNA.

The technical indicators for Terra are also pointing towards a strong trend. At present, the moving averages and the oscillators are also leaning towards “strong-buy” sentiments.

The RSI and the ultimate oscillator are also going for the bullish trend. They are both currently hovering over 60 scores, which is a strong indication of the bullish movement.

Terra’s Growth to Third Resistance Benchmark

In the upcoming days, the investors may follow the bullish predictions and may continue investing in Terra. Their efforts would be to push the price of Terra to higher levels and launch it into the resistance channel.

The first target that the bulls may have locked would be the first resistance mark ($120.99). If the bulls emerge victorious against the selling pressure of the bears at the first resistance mark, they may continue pushing, bringing Terra up to $134.23 per LUNA.

The bulls may go for another buying spree and this time, it would be to achieve the top target. If the investors provide bulls with the support they need, then Terra’s price may uplift to the third resistance mark ($156.93).

If the investors succeed in hitting $156.93 per LUNA, the bears may increase their selling pressure to push Terra back into the bearish zone. However, if the bulls maintain their balance and keep increasing their buying pressure to overwhelm the bears, LUNA may rise to the major resistance mark.

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