The FBI’s Latest Podcast Features the Crypto Queen “Ruja Ignatova”

When it comes to the crypto market, there is only one nightmare that the industry has to bear as a cross, and that is the fraudulent practices of some of the crypto firms and businesses out there that apparently soil the good name of the crypto market.

There are tons of opportunities to invest your money into the crypto market as an investor, but you can never be sure which ones are legit. These firms have an edge, and that is the fact that these are all decentralized; there is literally no centralized authority to confirm the tenacity of these projects or to know for sure if these are legit or not.

Everyone seems to have a podcast of their own in this digital age, and for the FBI podcast, the topic was a bit natural to the context of the crypto market.

It features the Crypto Queen, who is still on lam all the way from 2017, none other than the founder of one OneCoin, a lady who singlehandedly conned nations and countries into believing that one coin was going to be the next big thing after Bitcoin. And the worst thing about this whole scenario is that people actually fell for it.

FBI Adds Ruja Ignatova to the Most Wanted List

Ruja Ignatova, best known for her on-stage performances, preaching the one coin to the public and painting the whole thing as the next best thing, did manage to fool investors around the globe and, as a result, run away with their hard-earned money and life savings.

She has made the notorious list of the FBI for people who are being actively hunted by the authorities and is presently in the top ten list; there is even a reward for turning the queen in, which crosses almost $100K.

Aside from joking, these kinds of crypto scams need to be wiped away before they can do some damage because if not, then investors would continue to run away from investing in the crypto market, and that would indeed be a dark day for the crypto market.

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