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Trademy Trading Academy
Trademy Trading Academy

Do you want to become a trader? Trading has become a popular activity because it doesn’t require a huge capital and has the potential to give you a high return on investment. However, the chances of you losing your money are also high if you don’t know what you are doing. So, how do you learn? If you do an online search, you will come across a number of websites that are offering you courses on trading, how to get started and ways to master the various techniques. The problem is that most of them are scams and you will just end up wasting your time and money.

The good news is that there are some authentic platforms that you can use for becoming an expert in trading. Trademy is one such option that you can explore. It was established in 2009 and they have gained plenty of experience over the years, which enables them to teach and guide you on how to do it right. At Trademy, you will get access to the highest quality of training materials that are well-structured, detailed and exclusive. One of the best things about Trademy is that it provides you with well-served content that’s easy to follow and understand.


You can use this top-notch education platform to become a successful trader as it gives you the opportunity to take advantage of in-depth training material. You can have hours of fun and still learn the ins and outs of trading and also get access to constant support from great mentors. Another unique thing about Trademy is that they give you the controls; their aim is to teach everyone how to become successful traders in an actual and real market and provide you with guidance and instructions to accomplish exactly that. Some of the notable perks of using Trademy for learning the art of trading include:

  • High Quality Lessons

First and foremost, using Trademy means that you will be able to learn everything there is about trading from the convenience and comfort of your own home. You will be able to watch lessons, regardless of where and when i.e. the time and place doesn’t matter. You could be standing in line for something or on your way home from work.

  • Quizzes

Trademy also offers you quizzes that are great for helping you appreciate the progress you have made through the lessons. Plus, taking the quizzes is also useful in assessing the skills you have acquired and the ones in which you are struggling.

  • Live Trading Room

There is so much you can learn from books and lessons. You need to experience things in the real world and this is exactly what Trademy uses to teach you. You will find a live trading room on the platform that can be used for watching experienced trading mentors make investors in real-time. You can watch them make investments and conduct trades and learn how to do it.

  • Use Any Device

One of the best things about using Trademy is that you can use this educational platform on a multitude of devices. You can enjoy the unique lessons on your smartphone, desktop computer or your tablet.

Trademy has also gained popularity because you can use it for improving your trading skills and going from one level to another i.e. you can go from beginners to professionals with the guidance of mentors who teach you how to manage your money the right way. Let’s take a look at the different levels available:

Level 1: The Beginner

This is the initial stage when you realize the number of golden opportunities at your disposal in the trading market and ones you can avail from home. This is the time when you are not aware of the pitfalls waiting for you when you start trading and don’t know how to get started in order to learn about them and thus avoid them.

Level 2: The Student

This is the level where you have become familiar with the rules of the trading market, but still don’t have the in-depth knowledge about changing trading strategies. At this stage, you will learn about the numerous strategies you can use, how to switch between strategies and how to use the various approaches available. Here, you don’t worry much about risk management or money management because the goal here is to create new opportunities through trading.

Level 3: Professional

This is the final stage where you have learned from your mistakes and how to avoid them. You are now capable of staying in the same position for a longer duration and not put yourself at risk. At this level, you will wonder why you didn’t think about starting trading earlier because it is such a profitable venture. The courses at this stage are aimed at helping you learn how to manage your money and mitigate your risks so you never have to receive a margin call.

You can choose a course according to the level you are on. If you are thinking about becoming a trader and want to understand the workings of the market, the beginner level courses will suit you. The student level courses are good for you when you have some basic knowledge, but are not well-versed in the strategies used in the market. Go for the professional-level courses when you want to manage money and risk. Some of the different courses that Trademy has to offer to you are:

  • Introduction to Trading

This is a free trading course and has been designed for beginners. As the platform is easy to use, you will have absolutely no problems in using it. The course itself comprises of clear and fun videos that use simple language to explain the details. It is available 24/7 and you can access it on any device. You can get a trial course to get an idea of exactly what it entails.

  • Intro Trader Course

This course is everything you need to start your journey in the trading world. It begins as a self-study course and takes you into a Live trading room to give you the real-world experience in which you watch mentors trade in the market. This course at Trademy teaches you the basics about stocks and forex that are a must-know for any aspiring and existing trader. It entails some great quizzes and plenty of high quality lessons. There is also a 1-month mentorship and you can avail all of these benefits for just $300.

You can make a demo trading account for testing your skills and conducting an assessment of your concepts. You can socialize with other students and expand your knowledge through these interactions. The course provides you online access to Trademy’s e-book that you can read anywhere and at any time. There is also a thesaurus of the trading world that you can use for learning the appropriate jargon.

  • Professional Trader Course

If you are interested in elevating your skills and become a full-fledged trader, this is the course you need to take at Trademy. One of the best features of this course is that it includes the Intro Trader course. It comprises of a 3-month mentorship and you can learn about practical technical analysis, trading psychology and risk and position management. The cost of the course is $3,000. There are hours of online learning sessions in which you learn everything about trading preparation and the different market sectors. There are also personal trading sessions available and a weekly mentorship plan that you can take advantage of.

  • Expert Trader Course

As the name indicates, the purpose of this course is to make you an expert as it instructs you on how to apply trading strategies and technical indicators to real-time financial markets. It comprises of the elements of both the intro trader course in which you learn the basics as well as the professional trader course, which enhances your knowledge. But, it has more to offer in the form of a complete forex course. There are 40 high quality videos for your perusal that give you leading edge forex explanations. You can understand the fundamental analysis through practical tutoring. Plus, there is also a cryptocurrencies course that can add to your knowledge and skills. There is also one-on-one mentorship of six months and you get to enjoy all of them for $6,000.

  • Star Trader Course

Priced at $12,000 this is a complete course that can help you become a full-fledged professional day trader. It is the most advanced course that includes everything you can find in the other courses and also has some exclusive materials that can be immensely useful in helping you adapt your trading styles. Through this course, you will be able to learn some advanced trading strategies and try them out via the demo trading account available. You benefit from a mentorship program that lasts for 12 months and this gives you enough time to get all your problems answered and queries resolved.

Trademy gives you access to mentors that are experienced traders so you get the chance to benefit from the expertise they have accumulated by working practically in the market. Some of the notable mentors you can consult with through the courses at Trademy are:

  • Kyriakos Charilaou, CMT

At Trademy, he is the Head of Investment Research, Portfolio Management and Client’s Education. Even though Kyriakos joined Trademy in 2018, he has been working as an active trader in the CED, Options and Forex markets since 2003. He obtained the MSTA, CMT (Chartered Market Technician) and CFTe designations, he is a qualified technical analyst who has coached and trained over 3,500 traders in Greece, UK, UAE and Cyprus in the last 12 years.

His interests and specializations include evaluating and monitoring traders, developing trading algorithms for CFDs and FX instruments, identifying key performance areas for improving trading performance and using mathematical, statistical and technical analysis tools for optimizing risk management automated software.

  • Elif Kundakci

Since 2005, Elif has been part of the financial industry and has held various positions. During these years, she has built-up extensive knowledge about the different financial products available such as equities, investment funds and commodity-related derivatives. She has been actively involved in trading from 2010 onwards and has shifted her focus towards European Indices.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has certified her for Own Account Trading, Portfolio Management and an Investment Advice Provider. She holds a German Diploma in Political Science and Economics. She is considered a great instructor for traders because of her perfect understanding of their needs as well as her great assessment of market movements.

  • Simon Vexler

For almost 16 years, Simon has been a member of the financial industry. He began his career from a job in the treasury department of a bank. After he had learned the ropes of the trading market, he moved onto the biggest trading floors in Europe. Simon’s specialties include banking, foreign exchange, treasury, proprietary FX trading, business development, cash management and sales and compliance. He holds a BSc in Finance, a CISII Level 4 and is now using his research on volatility in the Forex market to get his Ph.D. degree. Coaching is his passion and he enjoys transferring his knowledge to associates, colleagues as well as clients. He believes knowledge is the key to improving his trading skills.

  • George Pereira

He attended LSE for getting his BSc in Economics as well as a Masters in Finance and has transformed into a motivated, trustworthy and disciplined individual with exceptional analytical and presentation skills. George possesses a world of experience in CFD and forex trading, but his experience also comprises of risk management, investor relations and financial planning. He used both qualitative and quantitative criteria for Investment Research and also made use of different financial models for monitoring and assessing risk. He trades blue chips and major pairs passionately and has been actively passing his strategies to traders successfully since 2009.

With the help of these mentors, Trademy can turn you into a successful and skilled trader.