Twitter Partners with eToro to Offer Crypto and Stock Trading Services

Twitter is currently one of the top social media networks in the world. The network hosts many dedicated communities that allow users to gather the latest updates on a relevant topic or sector.

To this end, a massive population of Twitter users consists of key personalities from the financial sector as well as the DeFi space. Thus, a massive amount of crypto investors and financial stakeholders from around the world flock to Twitter to catch the latest trends.

Twitter has recently told CNBC that it has plans to expand upon its financial sector by introducing crypto and stock trading options. To this end, Twitter has decided to partner fintech development firm called eToro.

Once the integration is complete Twitter account holders will be able to access market charts and other important resources for market analysis and projections via the eToro plug-in.

The new business venture involving Twitter and eToro will work on transforming the cashtags feature on the social media network.

Financial Instruments and Real-time Data Management Features

Talking to the media, the spokesperson from eToro explained that Twitter is an integral component within the arsenal of financial stakeholders. Twitter users can view the most relevant, top trending and niche-specific news on their feeds depending on their personal preferences.

Therefore, $Cashtags on the social media platform have attracted massive followership on the network. It is worth mentioning that cashtag is a new feature on Twitter that allows users to collect insights and data projections from TradingView.

Every Twitter native may avail of the latest financial features by clicking on the “view on eToro tab”. In this manner, the users will be able to visit eToro trading platform resources and tools in just a single click. eToro is an experienced fintech organization that has been working in the field since 2007.

It has introduced several amazing features for crypto investors such as trading metrics measuring apparatus. Meanwhile, it launched an exclusive crypto wallet service in 2019.

Elon Musk recently said in an interview that he intends to make Twitter the top financial institution in the world. He also talked about his vision to evolve Twitter into a super app where professionals and stakeholders from all sectors will be able to visit relevant sector resources and data set services in one click.

Super apps have become a cultural and technical phenomenon in China. These applications are very popular among Chinese consumers that allow them to venture into a wide array of shopping, analytics, and gaming portals in one stop.

One of the most successful applications in this genre is WeChat. WeChat account holders can enjoy instant messaging in addition to venturing into various disciplines such as social media, travel and accommodation booking, banking features, and many more.

eToro CEO Yoni Assia believes that this venture is likely to multiply existing Twitter traffic by many folds as he called the venture the perfect match.

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