UK has Elected Pro Crypto Liz Truss as the New Prime Minister

It seems that the UK parliament has been shooting for taking down two birds with one stone, and they finally have their revelation. In the recent developments in the political sector of the country, the UK has appointed a new prime minister who is a female actually, Liz Truss, and is keenly fond of cryptocurrencies and the crypto market.

She has been given the green light from the Queen as well and has only recently taken charge as the Future prime minister of Great Britain.

She was elected to replace the Conservative party leader Boris Johnson as the trust of the political parties as well as the masses was dwindling in Boris Johnson, which is why he had to go, and someone more capable was to be appointed in his position.

The UK is presently dealing with a subtle rise in the cost of living crisis, and Liz Truss has been pretty adamant about communicating on the issue and making sure that there is a fine solution presented to the senate over the issue before it is too late. It will help her to postulate her own mandate for the general election that is only around the corner.

Future of Crypto in the UK

As it happens, Liz Truss is pro-crypto which means that she is all for cryptocurrencies, the crypto market, and the use case of decentralization as well.

She has given her impression on the subject plenty of times, even before being appointed as the prime minister of Great Britain. From a recent tweet of her’s way back in 2018, she made it clear that she is a supporter of the cause of cryptocurrencies and the crypto market in general.

She said that the state should welcome cryptocurrencies, adopt them and implement them in a way that doesn’t undermine their credibility and meddle with the way these work which is based on the prospect of decentralization.

Regulations that restrict the prosperity of the masses and become a hurdle to the implementation of cryptocurrencies should also be removed. No wonder she got the support of her office and the British people who have a soft corner for crypto in their hearts.

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