Unapologetic Crypto Influencer Faces Harassment Claims from Law Firm

Ben Armstrong, also known as “BitBoy Crypto,” remains steadfast in his refusal to express regret for his conduct towards Adam Moskowitz and The Moskowitz Law Firm. On March 20th, Moskowitz and the law firm recently filed a Status Conference outlining Armstrong’s ongoing harassment towards them. Along with the filing, Moskowitz included compelling evidence, such as testimonies and screenshots that clearly illustrate Armstrong’s inappropriate actions.

Relentless pursuit: Ben Armstrong’s Twitter statement

In his recent statement on Twitter, Ben Armstrong appears to have no regrets about his response to the Status Conference request. He reiterated his intention to take legal action against Moskowitz and his Law Firm, as previously stated in the document. Additionally, Armstrong’s tweet about revealing his email to Adam Moskowitz reads, “Relentless and no remorse,” suggesting that he is determined to pursue this matter relentlessly.

The petition requesting a status conference had three attachments: a Declaration written by Lorenza Ospina, who works as a paralegal at the Moskowitz Law Firm; screen captures of an email sent by Ben Armstrong to Adam Moskowitz; and a collection of Ben Armstrong’s tweets.

Lorenza Ospina has come forward with disturbing revelations about her recent experience at The Moskowitz Law Firm. According to Ospina, she was subjected to vulgar and threatening communications via phone and email. On March 17, Ospina reported receiving 21 anonymous calls. Adding to the distress, Ospina received three threatening voicemails during this period. The situation escalated further when Ospina began receiving threatening emails from the law firm’s “Form Submission” page.

Additionally, an email was attached to the document sent from Ben Armstrong to Adam Moskowitz. In more specific terms, Armstrong insulted Moskowitz in an email he wrote to him that was filled with several expletives. It is important to note that the email was a response to an email sent by Armstrong himself on January 11 asking for a meeting with Moskowitz for professional reasons.

Ben Armstrong’s Twitter shenanigans

The BitBoy Crypto Twitter account of Ben Armstrong is scrutinised due to a recent document leak. This leak includes screenshots of Armstrong’s public tweets, which feature various controversial content. Armstrong’s tweets contain several insulting comments along with memes and other posts. Moreover, the screenshots reveal a statement in which Armstrong urges his followers to leave reviews for The Moskowitz Law Firm, further fueling the controversy.

A conference that takes place between all of the parties involved in a case and a judge is known as a Status Conference. A Status Conference is held to discuss issues about the litigation, such as disagreements and determine whether or not any action must be taken to move the case ahead.

The ongoing FTX lawsuit that Adam Moskowitz and his legal team have initiated against Ben Armstrong and several other crypto influencers is the direct cause of Ben Armstrong’s conduct. Moskowitz and the lawsuit plaintiffs made these allegations on March 16, accusing Armstrong and other influencers of promoting FTX without revealing their remuneration relationships.

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