US Congressman Brad Sherman Says It is Pretty Hard to Ban Crypto

The crypto market is dwindling by a threat which means that the assets across the board are showing a negative price trend across the board Ether, Bitcoin, and even any other cryptocurrency are being termed as extremely bearish at the moment, and corrections are dawning at every crypto they can get their hands on.

Despite the fact that many analysts said and agreed on the fact that crypto will revive itself and the corrections, as well as the bearish cycle, will end for good giving way to the bullish entities of the market to swoop in but nothing of the sort has happened.

According to Congress Brad Sherman, the crypto market is driven by too much money and power at the moment, so it is not possible for the government to ban neither the crypto market nor elements that are directly or indirectly related to the crypto market.

It has turned into a power game of greed and digitalization and has continuously undermined the dominance of the US dollar.

To really grind away, the whole thing is decentralized, which means that there is no centralized location of the market at all, and neither does it succumbs to regulations of any kind; this is what makes controlling the crypto market extremely hard.

Brad Sherman Strongly Condemns Crypto 

He has come out in an interview as extremely opposed to the idea of decentralization and the crypto market; he doesn’t like crypto personally and thinks that it is a fowl concept that is not going to let anyone further the cause of centralized finance.

During a recent interview, Sherman said that in the beginning, this whole thing was taken less seriously; only if the authorities had banned the crypto market, in the beginning, would everyone have been better along for the fact.

But it was allowed to slide away, and look where it has landed now? Now there is nothing that can be done to power down the crypto operation because there is just too much money and power involved.

Cryptocurrencies have made their way into political donations and stuff which means that it is not practically impossible to remove these from circulation.

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