US Political Party Praises Bitcoin and Calls it a “Decentralized Monetary Revolution”

Bitcoin being the flagship cryptocurrency, has had many achievements under its belt, but when it comes to recognition for the changes brought up by the crypto, these are only far few.

But recently, the third largest US party, the Libertarian party, has applauded all the services and interventions of Bitcoin into the digital world of finance by calling the flagship cryptocurrency a ‘decentralized monetary revolution’. The tweet further read just how incredible the services of Bitcoin are and how much it has given to the traditional world of finance.

Libertarian Party Endorses Bitcoin

This is not the first time such applauses have been echoed for Bitcoin by the Libertarian party, as in the past, the party has referred to Bitcoin as the greatest possible tool humanity has ever created when it comes to financial stability and freedom. This definitely has drummed up a debate among other political parties not only in the States but also in other parts of the world, teasing their stand on this statement and how they approach Bitcoin and in what capacity.

Is It All Merely Political?

According to Marvin Byrd, an esteemed author in the blockchain world, Bitcoin is not owned by a single government or even a private entity; it is completely decentralized and as if it doesn’t even exist on paper. This is exactly what makes Bitcoin all the more interesting; it has no single owner, no single point of failure, no one can steal from it, and no government can shut it down; that is the biggest power of Bitcoin to date.

But the comments of the Libertarian party feel a bit edged towards a boiling political agenda. Did they really mean what they said, or was it skeptical and purely political?

It goes without saying that the young generation and especially those who care about their privacy, take a shine to Bitcoin, and they might support the Libertarian party eventually in the future polls having such a PRO stance for Bitcoin. But presently, it seems that all of it was said in good faith and from the bottom of the Libertarian party’s heart.

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