US Treasury Bans Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash is a service used by many to make Ether transactions unintelligible. It is a trial that allows people to completely bewilder their Ether transactions making the data completely jumbled, inaccessible, and senseless even to the blockchain on which it resides. This has affected the performance of Ether and many other cryptocurrencies dearly in the past, and it continued to wreak havoc until Treasury deemed it fit to completely ban Tornado Cash once and for all.

Tornado Cash was Involved in Illicit Activities

The reports say Tornado Cash was used wildly among crypto users who are conscious of their anonymity to make Ether transactions completely jumbled and untraceable, and it was a valid tool among the community but not anymore.

Treasury became aware of the doings of this tool and the illicit purposes it was used for, and it has imposed a serious ban on all of its operations permanently. It goes without saying that users won’t be able to access any server of Tornado Cash, and the ban is final, which means that it can’t be reversed. Many crypto users were actually bewildered to learn about Tornado Cash being banned, and its servers pulled down and turned offline.

The Discord and the governance servers were the first to go down for Tornado Cash. Many crypto entities and firms out there keeping a firm tab over the developments of the crypto market confirmed earlier that they were not able to access the governance or even the Discord serve or channel for Tornado Cash. This begs the question that has other centralized entities have done the same.

And the answer to this is yes, they have completed delisted all of the Tornado Cash entities from their offerings list, and people won’t be able to access the platform in any sense of the word.

It was also confirmed earlier that the Telegram channel for the service was still open and working, and when Treasury learned about it, they closed it down for good as well. Tornado Cash, a roaring and bustling tool that was actively used within the crypto community, has completely ceased to exist, and the decision seems more than final.

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