Wall Street Station Displays Ripple Ads Despite SEC Lawsuit

Ripple is still in a row with the SEC as the case is still going on and there is no verdict by the judiciary on this at the moment.

But given the previous few highlights Ripple has managed to score some massive wins in the past regarding the case, a few of these include reopening various closed elements of the case from the SEC’s side and also securing some paperwork from the opponents as well. But a final decision about whether Ripple is a crypto or a security is still to be decided real soon.

Ripple Ads are Becoming more Frequent

On another front, several Ripple-oriented ads were seen on the New York Wall Street where the slogan ‘crypto means business’ was etched in bold along with the logo of Ripple.

People were absolutely shunned to see these ads as the crypto is still not in the clear by the US court as well as the SEC but ads have started rolling out. Subway stations on Wall Street and various other parts of New York City also did host a myriad of ads when it comes to Ripple and people were not believing their eyes.

On the other hand, various people in England, and Liverpool saw the same Ripple ad as spotted in NYC, ‘crypto means business’. It seems that Ripple is moving atop the crypto ladder and at the moment is getting enough push not only from the investors but the general public as well.

Part of the reason why Ripple is doing so well is the recent deals that the crypto has made with companies in Sweden and France.

The corporate decided that it should offer its blockchain solutions to the willing businesses out there and to do so it reached out to a variety of European businesses.

And it was a 5-year plan assessment made by Ripple, but many companies opted to adopt these blockchain solutions right away, hence the extensive advertisement.

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