Walmart Is On the Lookout for a Cryptocurrency Specialist

As more shops start to recognize crypto-based transactions, Walmart is seeking for a digital currency lead. Bitcoin stock prices increased on Monday.

Walmart is searching for those who would “bring the initiative to recognize tech and customer trends, as well as the analyze the financials to capitalize on those trends,” according to the job description.

In addition, the role expects the new recruit to “find Cryptocurrency investments and collaborations.”

Amazon is also looking for a cryptocurrency and blockchain product director as well. However, the online retailer disputed claims that it will take crypto as a transaction method.

On the other hand, Microsoft, Expedia and Overstock all accept crypto payments.

Stocks of Bitcoin

On the financial markets today, Walmart’s share value went up 0.5 percent to 150.21 dollars. As per MarketSmith’s research, Walmart stocks are stabilizing with a 153.76 opening. Amazon on the other hands dropped about 0.5 percent.

Coinbase Global increased 1.1 percent to 264.14, whilst at the same time Marathon Digital shot up 1.5 percent, then MicroStrategy increased 0.7 percent, and lastly Grayscale Bitcoin Trust increased 1.3 percent.

It is not really Walmart’s first venture into crypto. Walmart sought for a trademark on a secure and reliable digital currency in 2019. Walmart also employs blockchain tech, the database mechanism that underpins crypto, to aid in the tracking of products in its logistics.

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