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Weltex Review

Weltex logoLet me tell you something as a trader just like you before you sign up with any online trading services provider. The first and foremost concern for you should be your growth as a trader. It’s just like any other profession.

If there is no growth, there is no reason for you to stay a part of it. So, when you become a trader, you have to see how much opportunity you will have to grow as a trader on that platform. With that metric set at the core of my trading experience, I think it has become inevitable for me to share this Weltex review with you.

I have seen many companies that provide similar trading services. When you look into the core of their services, it’s almost like they are doing the same thing but with different names. There are only a few that realize what traders want and offer them something unique.

For me, I think this company is from that small group of trading services providers. It gives you a chance to grow as a trader, not just gain some short-term benefits. You will sign up for the long haul with this company.

The trading system it provides you with is designed in a way that it lets you progress through the many stages of trading to become a professional in some time. Let me explain to you how this broker achieves that.

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Portability of the Platform

So, you should not be trading only for a limited time in a day and then leave the rest of the day empty. As a trader, you have to keep an eye on every aspect of trading that opens the doors of opportunities for you. In the past, you had to use the platform on your desktop computer, which meant you could only trade when you were home.

What if you wanted to trade from the office or while you were going somewhere? In today’s world, people want to do everything on the go. That’s where this amazing portable trading platform makes the difference.

The web trader is a platform you can use from anywhere you like. You don’t download it, which means you don’t have it locally on your computer, laptop, or any other mobile device. A software tool installed on your mobile or computer is only locally available.

This means if your software crashes or your hard drive malfunctions, you will not have the software anymore. Also, you will lose access to your trading platform in the case of theft or robbery. On the other hand, with a web-based trading platform, which is what you get from Weltex, you can access the software from any device, at any time, and from anywhere you like.

Weltex trading platform
Compatible and User-friendly Platform

In addition to being portable, this trading platform is also compatible with all your operating systems that you have on different devices. Keep in mind that your computer might have Windows operating system whereas your phone might have the Android operating system. A locally installed platform will have to be installed separately on these devices.

More importantly, you will still run into some compatibility issues. On the other hand, you don’t even have to think about these issues when you go with the web-based trader. The Weltex trading platform will run on all your devices and operating systems, including but not limited to Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android.

Also, you have to admire the user-friendliness of this platform. The best trading services providers know that a lot of the traders that sign up with them are new to trading. This means they are not that familiar with how trading platforms work. A software tool that is not easy to understand can be problematic for the traders.

They will take too much time in understanding the software, which they could have spent on learning how to trade. I am sure you will like the software you are getting from this company because it is easy to understand and you will not take more than a few minutes to know your way around.

Access Many Asset Classes

You can access nearly half a dozen asset classes when you sign up with Weltex. The best thing is that you will find many assets within those classes. So, if you go with the forex currency pairs, you will have many of them available for trading. I have seen on other platforms that they usually offer only the major currency pairs, which are the ones that have USD in them.

However, with this company, you will have minor currency pairs available too, which don’t contain the US dollar. The exotic currency pairs can be extremely volatile, but they do offer you some chances of making big money if you are successful. The good thing is that you have access to them when you sign up with Weltex.

In addition to that, you will be trading indices and stocks. They are the same thing in the sense that you are trading stocks. However, they are different from each other in the sense that in stocks, you are only trading the stocks of one company at a time. On the other hand, indices allow you to trade the stocks from many companies at once.

It’s like you are trading a bucket full of stocks that belong to multiple companies. These companies might be similar sizes or from the same industry. Lastly, you have commodities that are quite different from the rest of the assets.

These assets are varied. You will not be trading a particular type of asset when you are in this category. For example, if you have any interest in agriculture, you can go with corn, coffee beans, orange, juice, wheat, etc. However, if you think crude oil and gas are the industries that make sense, you should go with them. The best part of this category is the precious metals. Within this asset class, you will be able to trade gold, platinum, palladium, silver, copper, and many other precious assets.

Weltex assets
Safety, Security, and Monitoring

The company has taken some great and appreciable measures to make sure that you are safe as a trader once you sign up with it. A big problem that I have seen many traders face when they sign up with online brokers is the lack of trust. They are not sure if they have taken the right decision and that’s why they are not comfortable giving out their personal information.

This is not a good start to any relationship. If you are a trader and you feel this way about your broker, you should not sign up with it in the first place. You should only sign up with a company that gives you complete peace of mind as a trader.

Now, when you sign up with Weltex, you will know what mental peace really means. The company is really dedicated to protecting your interest in every possible manner. Firstly, the information that you enter on the website while signing up is properly encrypted using the latest standards of encryption.

In addition to that, you have all the SSL certificates installed on the website, which means you are on a safe and secure website. You will also find relief in the fact that the company has 2FA authentication when you sign into your trading account.

The constant monitoring of the accounts is also taking place, which ensures no one else signs up with your details and access your personal information. The money deposited in the trading accounts goes into separate accounts. Lastly, the company is registered to provide its trading services, which should clearly indicate that you are not signing up with some random scammer on the internet.

Proper Education for All Traders

Weltex is an amazing broker when it comes to educating you on trading. There are all sorts of online brokers with their own trading academies. They provide you with a variety of types of educational materials. I have noticed that most of the false promises are made in this realm.

They keep telling you that they have some great training material for you but that’s not true. Mostly, they are not offering you anything more than generic content written by some content producer who does not know the ins and outs of trading. If you want some material that is really valuable, you should consider signing up with Weltex.

The company has provided you with ample training material that includes not only expertly written ebooks but some professionally compiled videos as well. Furthermore, you can attend the online webinars that take place almost every week to teach you everything about trading.

The best thing about webinars is that the information within them is never outdated. You are listening to experts talking in real-time and they are always discussing real matters. They are not just explaining what trading is all about but giving you actionable information on what you can do to make trading successful for you.

You are getting the latest training material from the company. What I like about Weltex is that it gives you access to its education academy as soon as you sign up with it. It does not matter which account you pick because the trading education is available to all. With most other brokers, they give you access to only the basic materials when you sign up with a basic trading account. There are no such restrictions on your education when you sign up with Weltex.

Five Accounts with Big Leverages

You have five different types of accounts to pick one from and you can start your journey from there. The good thing is that you can always grow as a trader and keep moving to higher trading accounts. The first account that you will get is the basic trading account, however the company has deemed it fit to name it the standard trading account.

Deposit $10,000 and you will access this account and all of its features. You will have access to all the trading education with this account and most importantly, you will also get the help of an account manager.

In addition to that, you will access the web trader on which you can trade just about any asset that’s on the asset index of this company. The leverage changes from account to account. When you sign up with the basic and semi-advanced trading accounts, you get the baseline leverages.

The baseline leverages are already pretty high at 1:200. I have seen companies that don’t stop talking about their leverages even when they are offering you nothing more than 1:20 or 1:50 leverages. Here, with Weltex, you are starting with 1:200. This leverage is available to someone who signs up with the basic trading account.

If you go with an expensive and advanced trading account, you will have leverages of up to 1:400. The margin loan facility that comes with each account is also something I have not seen many other brokers offering. The assets you have secured with the broker can be used for taking out a loan.

The loan depends on the trading account you pick. If you go with the basic trading account, you have 25% of margin loan whereas the percentage will go as high as 100% when you go with the pro accounts. In other words, your possibilities are endless when you sign up with Weltex.

Final Thoughts

You can see what your experience will be like when you sign up with this established trading services provider. When you see a company rising in popularity, you will always find out that it is doing something differently.

So, in the case of Weltex, you have this company that offers you big leverages, a huge asset index, and the help of an account manager right from the start when you sign up with a basic trading account. I find the trading conditions from this company extremely flexible and I am sure you will feel the same way when you research more on it.

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