Xai Foundation Launching Staking Rewards to Eligible Customers

Xai Foundation Launching Staking Rewards to Eligible Customers

The renowned layer-3 Arbitrum gaming network Xai has announced plans to launch a staking reward for the crypto community. The Xai team confirmed that the proposed staking will be launched in phases.

The first phase of the stacking rewards will be released this week, and the subsequent phase will be launched by next month. The report demonstrated that the Xai staking process will involve locking crypto assets to support the maintenance of the network.

Feature of XAI Staking Rewards

Afterward, the stakers will receive rewards and actively participate in the network validation process. The Xai team plans to launch the stacking reward on Tuesday, February 27.

According to the announcement, the Xai team will introduce staking features for the holders of the Sentry Keys. The Xai team highlighted that the Sentry keys are an NFT-inspired node operated by network providers.

Currently, the number of Sentry Key owners has reached 6,300 who were among the beneficiaries of the Xai airdrop. In January, the Xai Foundation offered 125 million XAI tokens to customers, supporting the growth of the Xai ecosystem.

During the XAI airdropping, the Sentry Node operators and the NFT owners were among the individuals to claim a hundred dollars of Xai tokens. The successful XAI airdropping enabled the XAI platform to bring more users to the crypto games.

This forced the XAI team to consider introducing the staking reward feature to attract more customers. Apart from this, the escrowed XAI (esXAI) owners will receive numerous benefits from their staking.

Benefits Of Staking Rewards

In the report, the Foundation claimed that the esXAI token would be used to reward the XAI stakes. The announcement demonstrated that each Sentry Key can be paired with around 25,000 staked esXAI tokens.

This implies that if the investor holds five Sentry Keys, then he will be allowed to stake 125,000 esXAI tokens. To ensure the staking rewards are distributed accordingly, the Foundation invested in integrating reward tiers, which will assess the bonus to be awarded to a specific Sentry Key owner.

In the latter, the Foundation advised the Sentry Key holders to invest their assets to generate a considerable return. This indicates that the more the Sentry Key owner invests, the more the returns.

The Foundation plans to issue a boosted esXAI token to the higher stakes. After debuting the first phase of the staking rewards, which will benefit qualified customers, the XAI team will launch the second phase of staking.

XAI Foundation Reveals Next Move

In the subsequent phase, the Foundation will offer investors an opportunity to stake their desired XAI tokens. At this stage, the Foundation will integrate staking pools where the Sentry Key holders stake their esXAI tokens.

Days before debuting the staking reward, the XAI foundation is still contemplating the appropriate way to operate the staking rewards on the pools. In the report, the Foundation claimed that the outcomes of the first stake rewards will guide the firm in determining whether it is essential to increase the number of tier thresholds.

The Foundation plans to engage in intense discussion to evaluate the practical approaches to encourage the investors to stake their assets. In the report, the Xai team claimed that the stacking reward plays a significant role in engaging with the XAI users.

Also the  Foundation argued that the XAI users have a substantial role in boosting the XAI games, airdropping NTFs, and delegating governance voting rights to the appropriate pool.

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