$9.3M Sold By Metacade Token Sale, Token Gains Attraction Being A Highly Regulated Asset

Metacade is a GameFi scheme; the reaction it has witnessed by people to the pre-selling of their MCADE token has been remarkable.

Apparently, they have been able to gain around $9.3M up till now and have 5 stages sold out.

This means that only 2 rounds are left prior to the closing of the presale, and the most awaited token will be soon released publicly.

Amidst Metacade’s latest presale, there was a massive want for their tokens which resulted in the achievement of Stage 5.

Due to such huge demand for their tokens, their sale cap of them was increased to about $0.0155.

Stage 6’s token price is about $0.017 at this point, which is more than its growth to about $0.020 during the presale’s closing period.

As soon as the presale is sold out, the token will soon be released to various cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Uniswap and Bitmart.

The CEO of Metacade is Russell Bennett. To him, it seemed like the MCADE presale period passed by quickly, since soon it will be over.

He said that he is grateful to have several investors, as well as GameFi fanatics with them to experience Metacade’s upcoming period.

He further added that the users will be briefed about everything that is going on, and they have figured out everything.

Metacade’s Play-to-Earn Platform: Earn MCADE Tokens for Gaming

Metagrants is Metacade’s scheme that has appealed several investors to their business.

It is a way for the game creators to gather money so that they can construct projects over the system.

Here, the creators display their works to the masses. They vote for the projects which appeal to them, after which they are constructed.

The projects that gain the most fame are given money, after which creators are able to work on their projects.

In addition to it, Metacade, which has been constructed on the blockchain play-to-earn system, has good news for crypto users.

It lets crypto users gain crypto money after they become busy playing a huge variety of arcade-type games. This platform is constructing a place where gamers can communicate with each other and meet.

The gamers can also play with each other in matches in order to gain MCADE, as well as exchange knowledge of gaming.

The aspect which is the driving force behind the Metacade platform is MCADE since it is required for proceedings on it.

The rewards awaiting gamers are tokens for playing games, like beating challenges, battles against others, and finishing assigned jobs.

People using this platform will also be given MCADE tokens for any enhancements on their behalf.

These may include enlightening others by imparting knowledge, attending events, and submitting reviews of the games.

Metacade’s Certik Approval Attract Investors

Certik is a famous blockchain auditing business. They gave their approval to Metacade publicly by critically evaluating the scheme’s details.

Furthermore, the firm, Certik, gave assurance to the public about the reliability and genuineness of Metacade via a whole KYC.

Certik has approved several prominent businesses like Polygon, Chiliz, etc., and now Metacade. This means that Metacade is trustworthy.

In the metaverse world, Metacade is the leading place for gamers. This is the first place that lets gamers play and meet with each other.

It also lets them earn money by gaining jobs in relevance to Web3 as well as through learning via other gamers. Now, gamers will not solely be restricted to playing with each other around the globe.

Because of this platform, they will be able to gain money and connect with other respective gamers as well.

The great news is that this platform is devoted to its initial goal of turning it into a gaming platform that is led by people.

This will be done after the project has come to completion, and will be given to the masses so it can be looked after by them.

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