Hackers Compromise Metallica's X Account to Promote Solana Meme Coin

Amazon Studio Creating a Film on Bitfinex Money Laundering Saga

The growing popularity of crypto assets exposed the digital sector to a series of events. Besides the development in the crypto ecosystem, bad players have shifted their focus to digital assets to take advantage of novice investors.

Based on the recent turn of events in the crypto industry, the Amazon MGM studio is working on filming one of the largest hacking incidents in the history of digital sector.

Amazon Studio Launching New Movie

In the January 26 blog post, the Amazon team confirmed that the film will reflect on the present and past events in the crypto industry.

A review of the announcement demonstrated that the theme of the new movie will revolve around crypto-related crimes conducted by notorious hackers. In this case, the Amazon group plans to showcase how a couple stole billions of dollars from a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Bitfinex.

The developers named the new movie Razzlekhan, the mastermind of the Bitfinex 2016 attack. In the report, the Amazon team confirmed that the main characters in the film will include males and females actors portraying the roles undertaken by Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan in the attack.

A review of Bitfinex’s earlier report demonstrated that the couples used a unique hacking method to siphon billions of dollars from the controversial crypto exchange. Shortly after the Bitfinex hacking incident, another couple stole measurable amounts of crypto assets.

Impact of Crypto Crime

The Amazon team stated that a report in the New York Times on the couple profiled as “Bitcoin’s Bonnie and Clyde” challenged the developers to produce the new film. According to the report, Lichtenstein and Morgan leveraged their expertise to drain 119,974 Bitcoin from Bitfinex.

The two laundered 94,643 Bitcoin across different accounts to conceal their transactions. The law enforcers noted Lichtenstein and Morgan laundered the stolen funds through complex transactions across multiple accounts.

After a long search, the forensic team, in collaboration with the law enforcement unit, arrested the couple in February 2022. Law enforcement managed to confiscate Bitcoin worth over $54 million.

In August last year, the couple behind the Bitfinex hack were arraigned in court in the US. The court report demonstrated that Lichtenstein pleaded guilty to violation of law and engaging in money laundering activities.

Reviewing Past Events in the Crypto Industry

On the other hand, Morgan was charged with two counts of money laundering and engaging in fraudulent activities. In the upcoming movie, the Amazon team profiles Morgan as a comedic rapper.

The movie will showcase the challenges couples are facing and the decisions they make to improve their quality of life. Unlike other crypto-related scenes, the Amazon team plans to demonstrate the events that took place in the Bitfinex saga.

Occasionally, developers create documentaries to showcase crypto events such as the FTX case. In 2022, the developers launched a documentary on the “life and death of the founder of QuadrigaCX Gerald Cotten” on Netflix.

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