Tether Launching Education Division to Promote Bitcoin Education

Tether Launching Education Division to Promote Bitcoin Education

The endless opportunities offered by digital asset have forced the renowned stablecoin issuer Tether to establish a crypto education division. The primary objective of launching the education department is to equip the community with an opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of crypto assets.

In a blog post, the Tether team confirmed that the newly launched department will offer courses, seminars and workshop programs to the community. Beyond this, the crypto education unit will offer the community learning materials on matters concerning blockchain and cryptography.

Tether Launching Educational Initiatives

In the report, the Tether group revealed plans to collaborate with experts and professionals in crypto and blockchain technologies. Through the expected collaboration, Tether will create a “friendly environment “ for crypto learners.

In the report, Tether was pleased to state that the crypto-savvy population has been rising year over year. The impressive surge of the crypto-literate community motivated Tether to invest in offering education opportunities to the community.

The proposed education program will target crypto enthusiasts in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. The report demonstrated that the expected training on blockchain technology will equip the learners with fundamental artificial intelligence and coding skills.

The Tether team confirmed that the new department will take charge of the existing education programs. The stablecoin issuer plans to collaborate with existing education institutions, including the Academy of Digital Industry in Georgia.

Importance of Crypto Education

The collaboration with learning institutions will enable Tether to connect the learners with mentors and business partners. For years, Tether has remained active in improving crypto literacy among the community.

The report indicated that during the launch of the Plan B Summer School in Lugano, Tether was among the key sponsors. During the launch of this initiative, Tether was optimistic that the institution would offer training and seminars in Switzerland.

A statement from the chief executive of Tether Paolo Ardoino demonstrated that launching the education department will redefine the current economic situation. The CEO argued that financial tools, including Tether’s stablecoin USDT, have the ability to rewrite economic history.

He believes that the USDT and other financial products can enormously transform the economy. However, to attain the desired economic development, the CEO stated that education plays a critical role in fostering economic growth.

Objective of Tether Edu

The executive stated that to sustain the operation of Tether Edu, the newly launched department will require the learners to pay to access some of the learning materials. However, the CEO confirmed that most learning resources will be free.

Ardoino projects that the new department will on board more people to the crypto sector. To achieve the desired objective of Tether Edu, the CEO announced the stablecoin issuer plans to expand its workforce.

The executive confessed that the Tether team will recruit new talents in the finance and human resource departments in the coming days. He projects that increasing the number of employees will boost productivity and efficiency at the workplace.

The launching of Tether Edu mirrors the ongoing development in the crypto sector to equip individuals and businesses with relevant knowledge and skills. Lately, the impressive growth of the crypto industry has inspired vital industry leaders to offer training and education programs to novice traders.

The launching of education initiatives aims to enable investors to make informed investment decisions. Recently, Ripple launched the XRPL nine-hour free training sessions.

Factors Contributing to High Adoption of Crypto

Also, Trezor launched Bitcoineta, an educational program seeking to promote Bitcoin education in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Trezor Academy will be established in 10 African countries.

Moreover, the popularity of digital assets has attracted the attention of scholars and university students to examine the impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies on the financial sector.

The multiple research on crypto assets has supported the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Besides the research, giant tech firms, including IBM, Google, and Amazon, have demonstrated an interest in cryptocurrency.

The report indicates that the desire to tap into the benefits of crypto and gain a competitive edge forced most companies to hire professionals specializing in blockchain and crypto technologies.

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