CEO Of Nvidia Thinks We Are On The Verge Of A NFT And Blockchain-enabled Metaverse

The new Nvidia campus is working as a trail site for how it will be like when the real world meets the Metaverse world.

Graphics card manufacturer, Nvidia’s CEO believes that the self-contained economies in an interlinked digital world are going to be the talk of the town.

There are tons of exciting ways that NFTs and blockchain can influence our world, enthusiasts are in anticipation of a world of Virtual reality / Augmented reality with market-powered by crypto. However, the CEO of Nvidia, thinks the time has come when the technology required to make that world has been created.

The CEO spoke with the reporter in a virtual conference enthusiastically, of the potential of the Metaverse. If we go by the transcript of the interview session the CEO went to express his opinion that one day users could even mimic the future using metaverses.

The CEO carried on saying there can be an augmented reality version of digital art that a person owns by utilizing NFTs. That person can view the digital art as an overlay into our real world by wearing special glasses that would allow a user to marvel at the beautiful art.

The CEO also noted the Graphics card manufacturer is already utilizing a virtual reality version of the manufacturer’s office to test out these theories. Nvidia does not only manufacture Graphics cards but has now become a pioneer in aiding ecological efficiency and design by ultimately working on a Virtual reality headset that will allow its employees to control robots while sitting at home.

Jansen Huang explains that the office building is created digitally to have a digital replica of the real building in Virtual reality. By doing this the CEO believes it will allow the company to train, simulate the company’s robots. Not only that, but the company could also simulate the ideal air conditioning distribution to allow much less power consumption. Before implementing anything in the real world now the company will have the option to deploy the said amendment in the building metaverse and study the possible results to make the right decision.

Many other CEOs have also pitched in to support the Metaverse and NFTs. However, Huang is the most positive one in regards to NFTs. Earlier this year, Tim Sweeney also shared his two cents regarding NFTs, of how Non-fungible tokens are the obvious choice to a working metaverse. However, presently the founder of Fortnite thinks there is a long way to go for NFTs.

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