Crypto Executives Believe China’s Prohibition Of Bitcoin Exchanges Presents An Advantage

The intention of China to prohibit crypto exchanges adversely affected cryptocurrency costs; however, not all executives of crypto are shaken.

In spite of the fact, Shanghai has directed exchanges in its jurisdiction to close and BTCC that is Shanghai-based intends to postpone trading by the time September ends.

From Thursday, September 14th, BTC/CNY has reduced to $3,251 on BTCC, $3,321 on Huobi and $3,362 on OKCoin. This compelled the worldwide regular bitcoin cost to reduce.

However, since financial regulators in China completed the national prohibition on exchanges by offering freedom to Huobi and OCCoin, the two larger exchanges in China to function until October ends, the cost of bitcoin jumped to $3,850 from $2,900.

The cost of Bitcoin becomes Steady

In the last couple of days, after the first fluctuation of bitcoin cost, it has remained moderately steady at about $3,580. Local Chinese financial regulators made it clear that it is not their plan to wholly prohibit bitcoin and some Beijing analysts anticipate the prohibition in bitcoin exchange not to last, up to when the Peoples Bank of China presents trading platforms licensing program.

There are rumors from some that in case President Xi Jinping of China is elected again in November 2017, President Xi, who is very popular as a strong supporter of free markets, could subtly motivate local financial regulators to enable bitcoin trading again as well as other activities connected to cryptocurrency like ICOs.

Despite the present regulatory activity in China, some executives of crypto exchange say that regardless of the instant effect of regulation on the markets for crypto, crypto is stronger, compared to conventional equities as it is not interrelated to unfamiliar counterparties.

Some state that in the end, crypto shall indicate that it is not possible for regulatory activity to affect the development of crypto long term.

Benefits of Regulation

We have already experienced around $60 billion in value obtained from the peak at the beginning of this month; however, there is a benefit which may be difficult to recognize, in view of the disadvantages.’

Regulators are beginning to offer some transparency and even if the latest regulations are not the best, they are better compared to the doubt of possible inferior regulation,’ stated the ZenCash co-founder, Rob Viglione. ZenCash presents a privacy coin for communications and transactions that are borderless and decentralized.

‘This happens following an ICOs regulatory ban the other day in China and Jamie Dimon from JPMorgan referring to bitcoin as a ‘scam’ which is expected to ‘fail,’ stated Viglione.

The major query is whether this blow is already established in the asset costs or whether a danger exists for a persistent, progressive sell-off,’ he remarked.

‘A single positive element regarding crypto markets is that they are mainly equity-based and not hugely interrelated networks of leveraged results with unfamiliar counterparties, as is normal in today’s banking.’

‘The ICO prohibition in China and the close of trading present a marginal contribution that is much smaller, to general cryptocurrencies risk, compared to what has afflicted a huge financial institution such as Dimon’s JP Morgan,’ said Viglione.

It is impossible to stop Decentralization

For some of us who are in the sphere of exchange, the likelihood of states shutting down exchanges is an inevitable assumption from the time bitcoin was initially noted by the state,’ remarked Bharath Rao, Leverj CEO. Leverj is a cryptocurrency results trading decentralized platform.

‘At all times, the cost is a strong metric of the greed and anxiety in the markets and portrays regulatory doubt now. Also, this indicates that growth of decentralized and non-custodial models shall fast-track.’

According to Rao, the regulation is neither feasible nor essential for decentralized models and coming times might show some promise by encouraging the crypto society to form exchanges that are fast-paced and non-custodial.

The Sweetbridge (a worldwide alliance whose goal is to utilize a liquid supply chain) vice president of protocol marketing, Jason English, believes that China has too much to lose with cryptocurrency, to attempt to get rid of it.

China is literally setting up a cottage sector for mining and exchanging bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies; therefore, it is difficult to trust that they aim to leave a market that holds so much possibility,’ stated English.

‘Even the evident prohibition on ICOs appeared to present more of a substitute so as to implement some policies. If anything, this illustration indicates the explosiveness of the area and that a number of market makers will possibly make the most of a hazy news cycle to form a sell-off and purchase back opportunity.’

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