EVE Online developer CCP Games Raises Over $40M to Build Web3 Version of EVE Game

CCP Games, the developer of the famous multiplayer game EVE Online, announced on Tuesday that it had raised more than $40 million to add some Web3 elements to its game.

CCP Games disclosed that the funding round attracted some popular venture capitalists, including Andreessen Horowitz, Nexon, HASHED, Kingsway Capital, and BITKRAFT. The funds are intended to build what the company is referring to as “a new EVE that uses blockchain technology.”

In its announcement, CCP Games stated that the new EVE game will have various on-chain systems that make composability possible, thus enabling the company to form new partnerships with other virtual players and worlds.

CCP Games boss Hilmar Veigar Petursson said the company’s vision since its launch has been to develop virtual worlds that are more meaningful than real life. He added that CCP Games can now realize its vision, thanks to blockchain technology.

Petursson’s Take on Blockchain Technology

While this is the first time CCP Games is stepping into the Web3 gaming world, Petursson has shown his interest in blockchain since 2020. He once said that this technology can potentially transform concepts like open economies and user ownership in gaming.

When asked why CCP Games did not step into Web3 at the time, the CEO said the market for blockchain games in 2020 was too small.

He also claimed that the complexity of dealing with crypto means it could take some time before a Web3 game has a ‘killer app.’

CCP Games becomes the latest traditional game developer to enter the world of Web3. Other creators already in the space include Assassin’s Creed creator Ubisoft and Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix which is creating NFT games like Symbiogenesis on the Polygon blockchain.

Traditional Gamers Continue to Push Back Against NFT Games

However, there has been opposition from traditional gamers in regard to Web3 games. Many are concerned about the increasing fraud cases in the crypto industry. Moreover, some believe that game publishers are only trying to take more money from gamers by forcing them to buy NFTs.

That being said, how web2 gamers will receive the Web3 version of EVE Online remains to be seen.


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