ICP Founder Aim To End The Ukraine War

Dominic William founder of DFINITY’s Internet Computer (ICP) has come up with an odd plan for ending the Russian military operation of Ukraine through a crypto contract with $250 million worth of bonuses.

The DFINITY’s ICP was established in May 2021 as a public blockchain protocol that is aiming for the decentralization of the internet.

Suggestions made by William are focusing to use blockchain technology for countering propaganda and encourage people of Russia through cryptocurrency benefits who as per his proposal by and large are unknowledgeable about the truth of what is really happing in Ukraine and communicate to motivate them on pressuring their current government to end the war.

William wrote in his statement that we shouldn’t expect that the imposed sanctions could alone compel the Russian people against their rulers because simply the media is controlled by their government which is spreading misleading information and carefully thought out propaganda.

As per suggestions blockchain technology and crypto contracts might be used to attract a very big number of Russian people who are verified for watching the media information about the conflict altogether in virtual reality and dubbed in people parties system.

Each participant who is identified as a single person can attend each run only once, as the system will prevent cheating. A new smart account would be opened for every successful participant which can be accessed and controlled by using the internet identity.

As per William’s proposal, the Russian citizens will receive incentives to utilize in the form of assets via cryptocurrency bonuses like Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). Each person to unlock the PINs which are fixed with their accounts needs to watch all the content of the videos until the end.

The video stream will show the reality of the Ukraine war to the Russian public for pressuring their leader to stop the military operation. How to make the best actual video content will be decided by the expert movie makers.

William proposed the amount of $250 million recommending to pay each attendant $50 for watching each video and hoping to attract around 5 million citizens of Russia for watching such informational videos.

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