Man’s $22,000 Goes Missing in Cryptocurrency Swindle: “I Disclosed the Password to Him”

Three years back, Chris Dejrit claims an intoxicated driver hit him, rendering him partially disabled. He could not work, and according to him, he invested the little cash in his possession in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Dejrit said ‘The profits are awesome.’

However, when Dejrit experienced issues purchasing a particular kind of cryptocurrency, he contacted what he believed was customer support.

‘He needed admission to my computer; therefore, I admitted him to my computer. It was a huge error. I disclosed the password to him,’ stated Dejrit.

According to him, in a few minutes, his accounts that held $22,000 reduced to lower than $5.

Dejrit stated, ‘I thought, there is something very wrong.’

Netki’s CEO, Justin Newton cautions investors to just communicate with recognized support agents. Netki assists other firms that work in cryptocurrency.

‘Use the same type of alertness or same type of pessimism that you would apply to any other kind of monetary investment or tool,’ stated Newton.

According to him, cryptocurrency can be a very lucrative investment, but an unsafe one also.

‘Of late, the value has risen greatly; but still, individuals, should not make more investments in them, compared to what they can lose without feeling the pinch,’ remarked Newton.

Dejrit states that as he does not have any life savings now, he wishes other investors would be alert after getting to know the mistake he made.

‘Avoid revealing the code to any person,’ said Dejrit. ‘Do not allow anyone to access your computer remotely.’

Dejrit has created a GoFundMe site for collecting money to replace his cash that went missing from the cryptocurrency swindle.

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