Miami’s Mayor Thinks US Should Need To Mine More BTC Due to Concerns Regarding National Security

The United States of America is being heavily encouraged by Francis Suarez, the current mayor of Miami, to increase Bitcoin mining efforts. He based this reasoning on the idea that national security could be at risk since most of the activity takes place outside of the U.S.

He also cited both the environmental destabilization and the potential for Miami to be a hub for mining due to the abundance of available resources as the key factors behind his recent comments.

Suarez wants Miami to be a crypto centerpiece

Suarez himself is a huge proponent of BTC, and as such, believes in the power and potential of cryptocurrency. He, therefore, has made plans to transform Miami into the cryptocurrency capital of not just the entire United States but on a global scale as well.

It was also partly due to Suarez’s assistance that BTC managed to secure all-time high records recently, as he had made it known that not only will tax payments in BTC are to be made acceptable, but that municipal workers would be paid in crypto as well. So far is his faith in cryptocurrency that he even went as far as investing the city’s own funds for cryptocurrency-related activities.

Mining has damaged the environment; Miami could act as a hub for mining

It is no secret that the mining of cryptocurrencies has resulted in the continued degradation of the environment for a long time now. As mining activities have increased exponentially, so too has the damage being caused to the environment, and the fact that a lot of this mining is now also being done externally is only making matters worse.

Mayor Suarez, therefore, stated that this degradation could no longer be ignored and must be addressed if there is to be any hope for future preservation. He further added that he realized most countries that do conduct mining activities do so utilizing ‘dirty energy’ and that the United States could be the key to solving this crisis and turning things around for the better.

He thus concluded by stating that the city of Miami could potentially serve as a hub for future mining activities to take place due to necessary resources being widely available there. He lastly added that converting Miami to such a hub will primarily benefit those involved in the cryptocurrency and digital trading communities due to the potential for clean energy, such as an unlimited supply of nuclear power.

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