New Study: US, Ukraine and the UK are the Top Three Countries on Global Adoption Chart

Cryptocurrencies are not only tools of investment and seeking and exploring similar opportunities by the end investor and institutional traders as these are being used by common people on a daily basis. People, businesses, and online entities are now facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies at a much more deliberate scale. People can use crypto for the sake of paying for different products that they can buy online or in person, and the same goes for the availing of the services.

New research conducted by Merchant Machine has entailed the use of cryptocurrencies globally, and it has been found that among every country out there, three are those that are leading the charge when it comes to the active use of cryptocurrencies.

According to the research, the US stands atop, scoring a riveting 7.75 score out of a total of 10. Ukraine is second, going for 5.96 out of 10, and the UK is third, going for 5.79 out of 10. It is a great thing that people are actively pursuing the idea of cryptocurrencies and decentralization and making them part of their daily lives in a much more subtle way.

Crypto Adoption in Developed Countries

Other countries are also facilitating the use of crypto in their own general or individual capacity. The norm is that the African countries are more into crypto than the rest of the western world combined; in fact, many are deciding to make cryptocurrencies a legal tender within their economy.

The USA has been struggling with the regulatory environment that surrounds the use as well as the commission of the cryptocurrencies out there, but still, a lot of people are getting the hang of using cryptocurrencies without having to linger and worry about any legal action being taken against them.

As for Ukraine, the war tensions have shoveled the people to use crypto because the concept of the fiat monetary system has been rendered out of the commission, and therefore they are tempted, or better use of the word would be ‘forced’ to consult with cryptocurrencies. Other than that UK has been a friendly territory for the use case of cryptocurrencies as the state is very much compliant with people using cryptocurrencies.

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