OnePoll Survey Shows Game Enthusiasts are Unaware of Blockchain Games

OnePoll Survey Shows Game Enthusiasts are Unaware of Blockchain Games

As developers explore ways to boost gaming experiences, blockchain technology is a transformative force in the gaming sector.

A study conducted by OnePoll demonstrated that blockchain games such as Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Decentraland, and The Sandbox offer an immersive user experience.

Survey Shows Blockchain Games Are Unpopular

Compared to the traditional game, the study shows that blockchain games confer the player’s complete charge of the games. Despite the growing popularity of blockchain games, the OnePoll team noted numerous untapped opportunities in this sector.

The OneStop study encourages developers and renowned gaming studios to seize promising opportunities in the blockchain sector. A review of the study findings indicates that 52% of the 2000 respondents were unfamiliar with blockchain games, while 32% were aware of these games.

With the advancement in technology, OnePoll noted that most game developers have embraced a cost-cutting approach, impacting the closure of most servers. Besides evaluating the adoption of blockchain games, the survey assesses the player’s suggestions concerning the prevalent closure of studio or game servers.

Advantages of Blockchain Games

The OnePoll observed that 63% of respondents expected the funds they used to acquire in-game features or downloadable content (DLC) to be repaid if the studio permanently suspended its operation.

The remaining 34% suggested that the gaming community should be consulted on serious business decisions such as shutting down gaming servers. Unlike traditional games, blockchain, and metaverse games prevent the loss of in-game features even after the company shuts down.

The in-game features of blockchain games are normally linked to nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The development of the blockchain game allows the players to resell their in-game features and other assets at zero resale rate.

Game Developers Intergrate Blockchain to Enhance Use Experience

The OnePoll team observed that the centralized games do not consider the players’ decisions. This implies that centralized games can only shut down their gaming servers or studios if they consult the key stakeholders, such as players.

The survey demonstrated that ordinary games require to allow players to earn.The survey noted that traditional games lacked in-game purchase or resell options where players could generate income from their game of preference.

The centralized power granted to traditional games has forced most players to migrate to blockchain games. For example, Axie Infinity has gained dominance in gaming by offering players ownership of their in-game assets.

2021, the Axie Infinity revenue reached $1.3 billion, distributed to the players. The Axie team confirmed that some active players generated $1300 monthly.

Besides expanding the player’s revenue streams, the Axie offers users an immersive experience. The Axie players are required to gather, breed, and fight characters to earn in-game assets.

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