Unchained Partners with University of Austin to Establish $5M Bitcoin Fund

Unchained Partners with University of Austin to Establish $5M Bitcoin Fund 

On Friday, the US-headquartered financial institution  Unchained sealed a partnership agreement with the University of Austin (UATX) to promote crypto adoption. The partners will establish a $5 million fund worth of Bitcoin.

According to the announcement, UATX and Unchained plan to raise $5 million in Bitcoin for five years.

Unchained Partnering with the University of Austin

The two plan to introduce Bitcoin to learning institutions, including universities and colleges. Also, the partners will utilize the $5 million fund to explore viable financial opportunities.

A statement from the chief executive of Unchained, Joseph Kelly, stated that Bitcoin has enormous potential to support the UATX in attaining its core mission. To support UATX in achieving the desired excellence in different fields, the executive donated $2 Bitcoin worth $138,000 at the current market price.

He later updated the X community on the partnership between UATX and Unchained. Kelly encouraged the key market players to collaborate with academia to promote the Bitcoin use case.

He emphasized that attaining Bitcoin success requires forward-thinking founders. The CEO explained that the University of Austin and Unchained partnership aims to create innovative and impactful solutions.

To attain the end goal, the two organizations plan to launch a high-profile event and conduct several fundraising campaigns to generate the proposed $5 million fund. The official highlighted that an endowment fund will support the upcoming fundraising.

University of Austin to Integrate Bitcoin Education

Kelly urged the crypto community to support UATX and Unchained in fundraising a $5 million fund. To ensure the funds are safe from exploitation or any external threat, Unc has plans to store the $5 million in funds.

Compared to other vaults, the Unchained has integrated a solid custody model that ensures the assets stored on vaults are safe and secure. The Unchained described its vault as a reliable and secure investment option.

Apart from this, the collaboration with Unchained aligns with UATX’s goal of market integration. The learning institution believes the partnership with Unchained will become a forerunner for  Bitcoin integration in higher learning institutions.

The UATX intends to tap unrealized Bitcoin opportunities necessary for building strong financial models. Furthermore, the partnership between UATX and Unchained will support building strong relations among the learning institutions and the Bitcoin community through various activities.

The partners plan to embrace a collaborative approach in marketing campaigns, debates, lectures, trainings, and events critical in promoting a better understanding of Bitcoin and the role of emerging technologies in learning institutions.  These activities will play a crucial role in promoting Bitcoin adoption in schools.

Schools Seeks Integrate Bitcoin Education

The partnership demonstrated the learning institution’s commitment to integrating crypto and blockchain technologies in the school setting. The UATX Bitcoin initiative mirrors a similar approach by leading American universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Yale to invest in Bitcoin.

Also, Stanford University announced early this year that its Bitcoin investment increased by 7%  after its Blyth Fund invested in the BlackRock Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Apart from investing in Bitcoin, the institutions of higher learning have integrated Bitcoin education into their syllabus. In February, Cornell University launched a Bitcoin degree program.

This program aims to equip learners with fundamental skills for trading and investing in crypto assets. Based on the complex nature of crypto, Bitcoin education plays a critical role in assisting the learner to navigate the digital world.

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