Price Analysis of HaloDAO, OpenLive NFT, and GPEX

The followers of HaloDAO (RNBW) must be celebrating at present as the HaloDAO bulls have achieved a 75.34% rally for digital security. From the looks of it, the rate of the rally may continue increasing, and so far, it has reached a unit price of $0.02979 per RNBW.

Bullish/Bearish Sentiments for HaloDAO

If we look at the performance scale for HaloDAO, we would see that the sentiments of the investors are siding with the bullish movement of HaloDAO. Therefore, the demand for HaloDAO may rise, increasing its value to $0.04101 per RNBW.

As the buying exertion demonstration increases from the bulls’ end, the price of HaloDAO may grow up to $0.04873 per RNBW. If the bulls are able to fight the bears off with high buying power, then HaloDAO’s value may surge to $0.05332 per HaloDAO.

As for the bearish sentiments, the bears may prefer moving the RSI and the moving averages to their side. They would achieve it by increasing their selling power, and if they exert more pressure, they may force the bulls out of the competition. This way, HaloDAO may end up experiencing a dip in its value to $0.02383.

As the bears grow more powerful, they may start pressing harder against the bulls and try to end the competition. This would allow the bears to push HaloDAO’s value down to $02144, and then down to $0.01930.

OpenLive NFT (OPV)

At the moment, the sentiments of the OpenLive NFT bulls are high and they have accomplished a high 69.19%. The rally has resulted in uplifting the value of OpenLive NFT to $0.3516 per OPV.

For now, the bears are not able to give a hard time to the bulls as they are doing as they please. This is a great sign for the bulls as well as for the investors who want to benefit from the rally. The rally for OpenLive NFT may not end soon and it may soon OpenLive NFT’s value to $0.5551 per OPV.

If the RSI for OpenLive NFT gains more ground within the positive territory, then the bulls will be able to push OpenLive NFT to $0.6031.


GPEX is also a high performer as the 64.87% rally GPEX has recorded is quite high compared to other assets recording standard rallies. The price of GPEX at the moment is $3.84 per GPX, and it may grow higher if the bulls show high sentiments for it.

It may happen soon when the price of GPEX grows up to its first resistance mark ($5.08). If the bears do not portray much of a challenge for the bulls, then the bulls may achieve another high price of $5.91 per GPX.

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