Price Analysis of Tales of Chain (TALE) and Kalamint (KALAM)

CoinMarketCap has just shared performance data of two new cryptocurrencies that have been observing high rallies. The on-chain data analyzing firm has shared the analysis for Tales of Chain and Kalamint, based on their promising performance in the past 24-hours.

Tales of Chain’s 82.86% March

It will definitely be promising for the observers of Tales of Chain to see it grow by 82.86% in the past 24-hours. It was just a day back when Tales of Chain found itself at a low price of $0.0008784 per TALE. After the surge, the value of Tales of Chain has moved up to $0.001668 per TALE. Tales of Chain has also experienced a 2499.34% elevation in the trading volume.

Current Sentiments of Bulls

The bulls are very enthusiastic about the growth of Tales of Chain, and they may not give up easily to the selling pressure of the bears. If the bulls remain as confident as they are at present, then Tales of Chain may reach up to $0.003254.

The data suggests that the bulls may not let the bears take over the market as they may press hard with their buying power. Even if the bears manage to form a dip, the bulls may buy it straightaway to push Tales of Chain back again.

This way, the bulls will show off their power and energy to the bearish investors, and push them out of the race. The bulls may then go for another major rally, pushing Tales of Chain up to $0.0048014.

If the bulls increase the speed of acquisition of Tales of Chain, then the price of Tales of Chain may hit the third high mark of $0.007084 per TALE.

Bears to Pull TALE Down to $0.0003351

It is being expected that the bears may want to make their presence known by displaying a tremendous amount of resistance. The bears may attempt to lower the confidence of the bullish investors by increasing their selling power. This may push the investors and make them sell their accumulations, bringing Tales of Chain down to $0.001334.

If the bulls are not able to give much of a competition to the bears and keep moving to the bearish zone, then Tales of Chain may plummet to $0.001200. The bears may try and deal another blow to the bulls intensifying sales for Tales of Chain, sinking Tales of Chain to $0.001080.

Kalamint Observed a 165.94% March

Kalamint has also observed a huge 165.94% rally in the past 24-hours, bringing the unit price of Kalamint up to $0.1274. If the bulls keep up with their high investment for Kalamint, then Kalamint may grow up to $0.3388. In near future, Kalamint may succeed in pushing its price up to $0.8771.

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